Hotel? Motel? Holiday-Inn?

So I’ve been back in the country all of 6 days and back at work 2.5 days and already I’m getting my feet are gettin’ itchy. This girl just needs to be out there jetsetting. But what is keeping me calm is the fact I’m heading for a city break to my hometown of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne this weekend.

This, I realise is key for keeping those pesky itchy feet at bay. Whilst I cannot always be heading out on a plane at every opportunity, I definitely can hop on a train, book a hotel and hit a new city. It’s fun, exciting and allows you to see some different places.

Which brings me quite nicely to my obsession with Hotels. Boy, oh boy! I love them! I get so excitable about a hotel stay – it’s quite ridiculous! Adventure-junkie = me, whether I’m thousands of miles away or just a few, I ❤ it.

I’m a big enthusiast of last min, spontaneous bookings. I tend to use (naturally) and I also recommend Travelodge and Ibis for a comfortable, easy-going hotel stay in the UK (any chain hotel tends to be quite good for a clean place to sleep and leave your stuff). Independent B&B’s are always a preference, as they’re naturally a bit more interesting and not so corporately decorated.

But sometimes you can’t beat a bit of luxury and I must admit I have quite the penchant to stay in a Malmaison hotel (anywhere, I don’t mind) and I’m really quite obsessed with getting a stay in the in Liverpool. A Beatles-themed hotel – of course it’s going to be fabulous!

 If any of you have seen Blue Valentine this year, you will have seen the fabulous ‘Future Room’ that Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams stay in. I’ve seen hotels like this before and I must admit, once I venture back to the States I think a stay in one of these themed hotels is crucial.

The Feather Nest Inn seems pretty fabulous in New Jersey, with Romantic themed rooms and fantasy themed rooms, such as the similar ‘Space Odyssey ‘ room. There’s even ‘Treasure Island’, ‘Tree House’, ‘Blue Lagoon’. I mean woah! Amazing! (check the link below)

I’m also quite in love with the idea of the Hang Gna Guesthouse & Art Gallery. Oh my. Wow so interesting. I would just be running about in it having a ball. And the fact it is a gallery too – just perfection for me. arrrgh.

Here is a great link to an article all about these crazy-fun offbeat hotels, if you would like to know more. If you’re like me you could look at this stuff all day! Eeee! Too much fun!

Also has a wonderful section for Astounding Accomodations. I mean wow, these places just sends me into an excitable trance!

Does anyone know of any fabulous fun hotels like this for my journey next year?

Doha / Goa / Thailand / HK / OZ / NZ / Chile / Brazil????

Eeeek these hotels may mean I end up deviating from my plan?? Hmmm who knows!

Btw isn’t this THE most amazing clutchbag? I need to know where you can buy such a thing? It’s delicious. (Image found on tumblr)


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