Eat, Pray, Thank God…

Well another week back at work, yet again I’m looking at my next trip. Rome in April. A mother/daughter feel-good trip that will be just what the doctor ordered.

I must admit that ever since reading Eat Pray Love, the intensity for my wish to visit Italy has just increased and increased and increased. I am obsessed. So much so, that it looks like I may go a few times this year. (Hopefully to beautiful Sardinia too).

I am just in love with the Italian ideals of ‘Dolce Far Niente’ (‘pleasant idleness’ that Elizabeth Gilbert highlights in the book) and their intense passion for life. The passion for everything I love: from fashion, to art, to love, to fooood. (Really looking forward to the food part, as you can tell.)

I must admit that, like many women who have read Eat Pray Love, I was really affected by it. I mean REALLY affected. I felt like she had crawled into my head and just wrote down all the thoughts that I felt I could never say. My thoughts mainly being I don’t need to be held back, all I need is a fully stamped, worn out passport, a wealth of travel stories and a wonderful time meeting lots of new people.

Elizabeth Gilbert is a Goddess of Gohemians. She realised her life was about the thrill of GOing, seeing and meeting. She knew that seeing the world and being affected by the people she met was key to her growth.

I believe, like her, that we should try living in a variety of places in our lifetime. I mean how can you know if you would like to be in one place forever, until you have seen some others. That’s my thinking anyway. And I guess that would be because I have lived miles away from the majority of my family, pretty much all of my life. Maybe if I had always lived closely to all of them, I wouldn’t want to remove myself from that, I don’t know.

I am so intrigued by people who have tried living in many different places, it doesn’t matter how long for, I just want to hear all their stories and experiences. It’s just the ideal situation for me.

I will be living in a number of places next year for uncertain amounts of time, literally just deciding as I go and what visas permit of course. I guess the only place I’m certain about is OZ as I am going to make the most of their wonderful year-long travel/work visa.

It’s incredible really that nowadays young people, like us, can just uproot and go.  We have so much more freedom and choice to do what we want than ever before. Often this can feel problematic, as we can sometimes feel there are too many options open to us, how do we know which is the right one? But in my mind, I know this is the right and only next step for me because I have put it off and put it off for so long, that now I really just have to go.

I don’t care I’m doing it independently, Ms Gilbert has taught millions of readers that in reality, on your travels, you will meet so many wonderful people on the way. Just as I found the case to be in ‘Into The Wild’ (another profound book and astounding movie which EVERY Gohemian should check out!).

I was very taken with her accounts of Italy and Bali – it just sounded heavenly. As a not very spiritual person, I found India quite a heavy-going read but I am absolutely heading there next year. Like Elizabeth I always have the worst luck with my stomach on travels, so it is a place I am quite nervous about visiting. But sunning it up on a beach in Goa and heading to Agra to see the Taj Mahal has just got to be done. I’d like to try some yoga while I’m there but nothing too intensive, (ie, that requires 4am starts and detoxifying puking sessions). No no no. I will happily remain choc-full of toxins but just be nice ‘n relaxed.

Here are a selection of excerpts from the book which I just had to take photos of. These struck almighty chords in me. (especially the first one)


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  1. very interesting post. Thanks for sharing with us.

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