Bittersweet Sensibility

Wahhhhhh. I’ve decided I can’t go to Rome anymore. 😦 😦 😦


It makes me sad but also pretty proud of myself, because me and mom were going ahead ready to book and then I stopped her in the most dramatic fashion. ‘NOOOOOOOOOOOO MOM I JUST CAN’T DO THIS!!’ (OK not quite that dramatically) but in the realisation that I just can’t afford it right now and that I need to be smarter than this.

I can’t afford it, not because I’ve been buying Laboutins (I wish!) but because I’ve very sensibly put my first, nice big chunk of savings, into the bank. And now I keep thinking about how if I do that EVERY month – I’m going to feel even prouder and even happier that my trip really is going to become a reality.

If I go to Rome that very same chunk of money will be all used up. It’s not so fun to be sensible, as my wanderlust really wants my butt to be eating pizza in the piazza. But I know this is the right thing to do.

I am the kinda person that really lets my wanderlust just carry me sometimes. I just let it go wild and think ‘oh sod it, I’ll be broke but it will be worth it’. Whereas I think at this point in my life, I just can’t do that now. I can’t get in debt when I’m doing so well.

I strangely feel happy about it. Not sad at all. Because I know that once I make a step like this, I’m committed. I’ve done it in the past and I will continue to do it. I become moneyhungry for saving. I want to exceed and fill my savings account to its highest potential.

My mom has mentioned us, instead, going to Rome in September or October which now seems a little bit more realistic. I won’t feel so bad then, because I will already have over £2,000 saved. Makes much more sense right?

Because of this I decided to, instead, make the most of the two lots of bank holidays we Brits are getting, next month.  Thanks to Easter and the Royal Wedding, I’m getting 11 days off! Yup and I only have to take 3 days off work for it! God bless the newlyweds! And of course, I’m going to make the most of it by going to visit my loved ones in Newcastle, Birmingham and back in London with maybe a car-hire trip involved for a little mini road-trip. I’ve got to make the most of seeing my friends and family this year, after all :). All very positive for a travel sacrifice don’t ‘cha think?

I even have been thinking about how I really don’t need to buy any clothes for a very long time (look I know I’m a girl and you’re going to be thinking I’ve just gone and bumped my head but no I mean it). I have EVERYTHING I need. I have a tonne of stuff at my parents place I don’t even wear – which includes a multitude of party dresses/shoes/etc etc. I know that ‘new dress’ feeling is awesome but I know I don’t need it.

In fact this weekend I put a load of unworn stuff on ebay – all ready to add to the travel fund. I feel pretty proud of myself. If you would like to check out my items go on:

I cannot tell you how excited I am for the future. For the decision I have made. I’m absolutely not seeing it as giving up, I’m seeing it as a 110% gain! And if you are thinking about doing the same thing, I can assure you this kind of sacrifice is absolutely worth it, just try it, put that £ in you account, top it up with more on payday and see how good you feel (strangely it’s just like that ‘new dress’ feeling and we know how good that feels).

Do it. It’s all about the GoGo.

– song of the day.


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I'm Emma, I'm 29 and I am a Gohemian. I am fueled by my passion to travel all over the world and to help others reach their dreamy, sparkly goals (no matter how scary they are). GohemianTravellers celebrates ambition, personal development and happiness and offers bucket loads of advice to travellers and quarter-life crisis survivors (just like me)! Life is all about the GoGo! So let's GO!
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