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Oh man! Us Brits are so funny. There’s sun all of a sudden and we’re like OMG OMG we NEED to be out in the sun, because IT MAY NEVER COME BACK! EVER! You can hear in the minds of everyone walking by thinking…”Quick Quick! Before the grey cloud of doom forms its blanket cover over us again, WE NEED TO GET OUTSIDE! C’MON Boss why can’t we work outside??!!!” The first glorious day of spring and we’re like vests ON, sunglasses ON, shorts ON…open ALL the doors in restaurants and shops, and most important of all GET IN THE BEER GARDEN STAT!

Ratatat sunRatatat. Sun. Perfect.

Love it. I felt it too and was practically running home when I finished work at 5. Dying to get back and get a sundress owwwwn.

Speaking of dresses, you’ll remember how I mentioned that famous ‘new dress’ feeling in my last post and how I’ve got to hold back from trying to get that. Well, funky travel fashion does not have to be something brand-spanking new girls. You can still get that awesome feeling from the old summer stuff, you may have forgotten about. As I had a very nice spring clean at the weekend and added a lot of stuff to ebay to be sold off, I found some fabulous items which absolutely get me thinking about the summer and of course travel.

I buy a lot of vintage items, in fact a big chunk of my wardrobe is made up of vintage summer dresses. And just pulling them out and looking at them is absolutely making me want to pull out a suitcase.

Here are a selection of my favourites (to hand):

Club Tropicana (basking in the sun you may notice!)

Yellow Vintage DressCanary Cool

Red Vintage Dress With BowWrapped up and sealed with a red-lipped kiss

Hawaiian Hangout

Purple playsuit

I have just started to read ‘High Heels and a Headtorch’ and boy is that teaching me some lessons in readiness for next year. Apparently 6 pairs of knickers are enough for a year’s worth of travelling! Oh my lord. I wish you could have seen my face when I read that. I’m going away for a year and a half!

You see I’m the girl, whose prospect may be, instead of dying a old spinster lady with hundreds of cats around me, I will be the old spinster lady with hundreds of pairs of pants. I have wayyy too many, in different colours and fabrics, for all different occasions. So the thought of 6 PAIRS, is making me feel a little gaga.

Lingerie Piles

c/o bitchcakesny on Flickr

Then there’s the idea of having to pack lightly. Oh lord. I’m not very good at that. And as you can see I like my vintage, cute, girly/glam numbers. Me having to be sensible? Oh no. But Chelsea Duke, author of High Heels & A Head Torch, advises that independent girl travellers should, in fact take along some girly items. As she didn’t on her first time travels and she missed them so. She mentioned taking a girly pair of shoes, a dress or skirt and a little bit of cheap make-up.

So which of my outfits, above, would you pick for my girly number? Let’s have a vote on it people. .

I keep thinking about my shoe collection and thinking which pair of shoes I would even choose. Wedges? Small strappy heels? Or just sparkly flip-flops. I know whatever takes up the least room BUT…BUT..oh dear this is going to be hard. I’ll miss heels. Thank goodness I’ll be in OZ for a year, I’ll stock up there. I can be girly again as soon as I land in OZ – Ooo I could even get some ruby slippers?

I actually own these shoes – shall I pack these? hmmm…aren’t they just delicious?

*Click Click the heels – there’s no place like the backpacker’s world.*


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2 Responses to Travel Fashion

  1. Go get them tiger! I am off performing in Oz for a burlesque tour (GET ME!) in May. If you are in Darwin stop off at my folks they will feed you.

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