Travel Tattoos

So as I am absolutely 100% so obsessed with wanderlust livin’, that I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo to reflect it. For quite a while really. Listening to Freebird by Lynyrd Skynyrd a lot, tends to do that to you.

And naturally a bird (or even lyrics to the song itself) are obvious examples of tattoo ideas that can be done:

Freebird Tattoo

Bird & Cage Tattoosparrow tattoo

Wanderlust Tattoo

Two Birds Tattoo

And being a bit of a bird fan I’ve decided to go with a freebird-kinda representation too but rather follow the way of everyone else (as we know already, I don’t do that), I’ve decided to go with a design by my favourite artist Audrey Kawasaki.

Bird Girl Audrey KawasakiIsn’t she beautiful?

I’m going to have this inside my right arm. I’m going to change it slightly so it’s just the girl in a ornate cameo frame (maybe with some of the birds outside it). What I love about it, is the beauty of the girl, the rose in her hair (as it’s my middle name & makes me think of my second mamma my Auntie Rosa) and the bird wings for freedom.

Emma Rose Black armI cannot wait for it to be on this blank space of arm. I want it to be my daily reminder of the choice I’ve made for myself – to be a GoGo girl. I think it will be a reassuring symbol of my commitment to forever travel and be the free soul I’ve always felt I am.

So excited. I’m going to call the studio today. It’s another step in my plan for constant travel/life inspiration. Now I know I’ve been talking about saving ( and so holding back but I’ve decided to get this finished in small stages each month. It may be annoying looking at an unfinished product but with my dedication to my saving plan, I could never afford it to be done in one sitting. I refuse to break away from the plan, people. I believe this is a win/win situation. I’ll get my tattoo and still get to see my savings total rise. Perfect.

But travel tattoos are an interesting topic. Many people have them. There are a lot of examples out there. They are wonderful symbols of your adventures-to-be or past achieved and from my research I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly.

travel tattoosI love this collection of adventure tats.

Compass TattooI really liked the idea of a compass.

Map TattooThat’s one way of finding your way home.

Key TattooI liked the idea of travel being a key, that unlocks something within yourself. This may be an idea for a future tattoo for me. I do like elabourate keys and locks.

Australia TattooFood for thought for my time spent in Oz?

What are your thoughts? Do you have any travel tattoos you’d like to send me? I’d love to see them.

Love Emma x


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I'm Emma, I'm 29 and I am a Gohemian. I am fueled by my passion to travel all over the world and to help others reach their dreamy, sparkly goals (no matter how scary they are). GohemianTravellers celebrates ambition, personal development and happiness and offers bucket loads of advice to travellers and quarter-life crisis survivors (just like me)! Life is all about the GoGo! So let's GO!
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One Response to Travel Tattoos

  1. Cliff says:

    Hey is there a full picture of that compass wrist tattoo? I really like it and am thinking of getting one of my own variation, but I want to see what the whole thing looks like.

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