Travel As Art

Wow so the travel tattoo post has proven popular – thanks for that guys! As a tattoo lover (and as we all know) a travel lover – I believe it makes sense to get a symbolic souvenir of adventures-past.

I find travel tattoos incredibly inspiring. I love that some people are just so in love with the world that they have it etched on their bodies. And why not eh?

The World At Your Feet Tattoo

You can really have the world at your feet 😉


World Map back tattoo

Feelin the weight of the world on your shoulders?

hearts world map tattoo

Beautiful World Map Tattoo by SeattlesTravels on Tumblr *with added hearts*

World Map Tattoo Butt

I never thought Id have a butt on my site...but there ya go!

But it doesn’t just extend to body art. I love how artists, in general, completely embrace images of the world, countries and travel as art-forms in themselves.

I think, I, personally, may be a little bit obsessed with the idea of making my next bedroom into a traveller’s haven like this:

World Map Bedroom

D R E A M Y.

Perfection eh? I’ve love to wake up everyday and see that as my wallpaper, so inspiring. And I’d maybe even add sparkly little pins to show where I’ve covered 🙂 A reminder to remain proud of what can be done.

For thousands of years we relied on maps to help us get around, and in those days they were absolutely a practical necessity. But now with new technologies, the map is becoming pretty much obsolete. So no wonder when we look at vintage maps nowadays (like the one above), they look more like works of art, than something to be used everyday.

Heart shaped world map

LOVE for the world

Although they may not be used so much now, they really are quite beautiful. The detail is just so intricate, how could they not be regarded as art?

But it’s not just art, fashion has also realised the potential of the map. I love these ideas:

World Map Necklace


World Map bag

The ultimate travel accessory?


World Map Jacket

Wrapped up in the World

In all honesty, I would not be opposed to a 50s swing dress fashioned from a map covered fabric. 🙂 Or maybe a halterneck top – could be pretty cute eh?

All of these examples prove how travel is not just a thing we do, but it is a constant source of inspiration. We look to the world around us. We allow ourselves to be immersed in the beauty that surrounds, we want to uproot ourselves to see these ‘works of art’ ourselves. Even the other day, when I was standing up close, in front of Big Ben – I didn’t feel like it was real, it was like looking at a painting/sculpture, it was so impressive.

And how could we forget the importance of that famous National Geographic photo of the intensely green-eyed Afghan girl. That photo was so iconic because it captured the beauty and intensity of another culture so perfectly. People were astounded by her intense sea-green eyes, her beauty and fragility. People want to see that. And although places may be dramatically different to what we know, beauty always prevails – there are wonderful people out there that we’re yet to meet/help/see. Thus proving, we need to get out there eh?

afghan girl portrait 1980s

Sharbat Gula photographed by Steve McCurry

 Other examples of worldly wonders:

French Artist Zevs World Map

French Artist Zevs World Map

World Map Art Gallery Tate Modern Exhibition

World Map Art Tate Modern Exhibition

Woman World Map

A Woman of the World

 The world is pretty inspiring eh? Tell me your thoughts guys 🙂



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5 Responses to Travel As Art

  1. Kristin Brænne says:


  2. gohemians says:

    Thank you so much Kristin. How are you? Where are you heading on your travels this year? 🙂

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  4. tuicameron says:

    Very creative post! Is that butt tattoo for real? Oh my…

    Thanks for joining in on the Traveler’s Show & Tell blog carnival.
    I hope to see you there again soon!

    When do you take off on your travels? If you pass through Texas, be
    sure to give me a howdy.


    • gohemians says:

      I sure will Tui, I leave next March and will be definitely passing through Texas in 2013 🙂 I’d like to hope that butt tattoo isn’t for real, coz that would have hurt soooo bad! If so, kudos to that girl! Yowch! Thanks for featuring me on the Traveler’s Show & Tell Blog – it’s a brilliant, brilliant blog! xx

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