Road Trippin’ the way to spectacular memories

There’s nothing better than a road trip eh?

For me there definitely isn’t! Having spent the majority of my childhood in the back of car travelling up and down the country, I’ve always loved just being on the road. I’ve always associated it with fun! Coz even travelling up to see my family – means quality time and getting to go fun places. And well, this Easter holiday was no different. Back up north to wonderful Newcastle to see the family, get fed chocolate and be chauffeured around the wonders of the North-East.

Road Trip View

Road tripppppppp!

In my time away I managed to cover visits to a beach, a stately home, a beer garden, my favourite art gallery and Holy Island on Easter Sunday.

Holy Island Abbey Ruins

Holy Island Abbey Ruins

Wallington Stately Home Grounds, Northumbria

Wallington grounds/walled garden, Northumbria

I would have preferred to have been driving on this trip but as I now live in London, I have no wheels, although I miss them greatly. Some point soon, I’m going to have to hire a car – I just wanna be back behind the wheel, singing songs at the top of my lungs, heading somewhere awesome, even just for a bit. Aaaaah.

But even when I’m on a train journey or a passenger in the back of a car, I always just revel in the scenery going past me. I get so excited because I’m on a journey somewhere. I’m going places. Doing things. Making the most of it all. That excites me.

But just being somewhere with sand between my toes, having a glass of red wine in hand, being out for tea and scones with my loved ones, was just so so great.

Girl Vintage Dress Beach Seaside


As I know I’m heading off for 18 months-2 years I’m very conscious about how much I’m going to cherish these moments.

To be with my Auntie Rosa on the beach (which getting down there really was an accomplishment for her) was one of the most wonderful days I’ve ever spent.

Berwick Beach FamilyTime with family is so important. And we can all forget that at times, when we’re mad at them about silly things etc, but it really is. We all know what’s in store for us at some point down the line, we must take the photographs and make the memories to celebrate our time together.

Make the time GoGos, shoot the pics and giggle along the way 🙂


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