Royally Amazing

OH MY GOD what a day!

Love Girls London Red Phonebox

All you need is...L.O.V.E

I’m naturally referring to the Royal Wedding. I mean what an amazing excuse for everyone to get together and just have a ball. I think to not have done something, is a real missed opportunity. Because never before have I seen London so happy. Or even England. Me and my friends were saying how we couldn’t get over how much the nation as a whole needed some good news for a change. Just some cheering up and an awesome reason to celebrate! But even after saying that – I’m thinking the world in-general, needed some positivity.

It’s an amazing sight to see people from all cultures, races and countries coming together to have a great time. We need more of that. We met many people who had clearly travelled to London to specifically join in with the celebrations of the big day. It was wonderful.

And naturally one dressed to impress:

Red Phonebox Vintage Dress Tiara Royal Wedding London

Patriotic me.

What did you guys do? I know in my last post ( I emphasised how important it is to spend time enjoying and celebrating occasions with your family and friends and this day highlighted that even more for me. I spent the day with friends who I hadn’t seen in a long time/was just getting to know and it was the most wonderful bonding session. Days like that solidify friendships.

What I’ve enjoyed so much about being around London for this bank holiday is that I feel like I’m finally making the most of living in this city. I’ve been out all over the place having fun – last night I went to Sadler’s Wells Theatre to see an amazing breakdancing show, tonight I’m going to see Hamlet at Shakespeare’s Globe. THIS is what it’s all about. Getting out there. Seeing the highlights of what only London can offer.

When travelling next year, there is naturally going to be so much to see (too much in fact).  I’m never going to cover it all, but if I can take the time to find all the fun things to do in a place – like I did in London this weekend – then I’m going to have a really great time 🙂 And if I can make as lovely friends, as the guys I have here, I’ll be happiest girl with a backpack ever!

My wonderful friend Rosie, pictured below, has been offering me so much great advice for my trip next year. A true Gohemian, she did an epic world trip last year and is always making time for adventures. She has kindly offered to write her words of wisdom on here as a guest writer – which I am super stoked about! So look out for Rosie very soon 🙂

Celebrating Royal Wedding girls British Hats

Me and Rosie celebrating the big day in a way only Goho's can! - In silly hats!

Love and hugs and of course congratulations to the marrieds! (Thank you for the day off – it was certainly a day to remember – in fact, one I will never forget!)

Emma xoxo


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