Get the Girl to Paris…

So a trip to Paris is in order! I’ve decided to make use of the wonder that is the Eurostar (as it’s literally up the road from where I live n’ all) and head to the romance capital of the world for a few days. Eurostar offer a great £69 return deal which really makes the trip super affordable. Then it’s just a matter of finding a cheap but well-located hotel. Meaning my saving budget will not be affected as it’s such a good deal.

When I started researching Eurostar offers not long ago, I found a great hotel on as part of their secret hotels option. I liked the ‘secret’ concept a lot, because these are all hotels which have been vetted by lastminute agents, so you can trust it is going to be a nice place to stay – it just adds that extra bit of fun! You don’t get to see any photos or learn the name of the building until nearer the time of your trip, so it really is very cloak and dagger!

Shh Quiet Girl Scrabble Letters


To some people that may seem a little mad, but to me it just adds to the spontaneous nature of travel that I find so exciting. It gave a rough idea of the location which was basically that it was near the Effiel Tower (that’ll do me nicely!).

So I’ve put in my holiday days and I’m preparing to book it as soon as I can.

I haven’t been to Paris since high school and I think now, I can finally appreciate everything the city has to offer. I can be caught up in the decadance, the romance, the architecture…the men 😉 hehe.

Frenchman Cameo Art Moustache

An amazing Etsy find 🙂 Love it. Frenchy Frenchy Man."Can I Kiss You?" haha

What frustrates me about my travels is that I’ve just always stuck to going the same places ie, the USA or major tourist spots in spain with my parents – how could I have missed the other wonders of the world which are right on my doorstep! I became fed up with meeting so many other people who seem to have really covered so much – that’s when I knew things had to change for me! It’s all about the new sights, new scenes & new dreams!

So prepare for my OTT outfit pictures in front of Parisian familiarities! Of course I’m going to do a ‘Carrie’ and pack my best, most fabulous outfits – coz next year kids, it’s going to be khakis and vests all the way baby! You’ll be sick of me in boring outfits so I’m merely giving the wardrobe a good airing before I hit backpacker-couture.

Eiffel Tower Stockings Woman High Heels

Alessandro Gottardo OOH LA LA

And every night we’ll watch the stars…they’ll be out for us!! Yaaay can’t wait!

Love Emma xo


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2 Responses to Get the Girl to Paris…

  1. Chelsea says:

    The very first image is actually mine, I’d appreciate the credit:) Thanks so much!

  2. I really like the design on your website, I will surely come back in a short time!

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