The Kerouac Cowgirl Adventure List

elvgren sitting pretty 1953 pin up cowgirl


I always liked to imagine I am somehow a far off relative of Jack Kerouac (like his long lost great great great blah blah grand-daughter). I just adore him. His charm, his writing, his adventurous blood. I believe I have the same passion for adventure, the same desire to get away from ‘square’ livin, but like a cowgirl I still got my sassy girl wits about me. So this is where I came up with the idea of the Kerouac Cowgirl. That’s me – always hunting for adventures, out for a good time and lassoing any opportunities my way.

So the Kerouac Cowgirl Adventure List is a compilation of things to do whenever you’re in doubt. Whenever you’ve got free time, annual leave, a weekend spare…whatever, just do something fun, exciting & particularly something that fills you with childlike glee. 

No matter what age you are – you should never stop doing things that make you smile like a buffoon. As Mr Vaynerchuk would say, you have to ‘hustle’ for happiness! And that is what this is all about:

Jack Kerouac with cat

Jack recommends cuddling kitties...

– Go to a theme park, buy candyfloss and ride the rides that make your head spin and laugh til you can’t laugh anymore.

– Go to a beach and put your feet in the sand. And you don’t even have to jet off to do so – go to a local beach. In the UK, I seriously recommend Harloch Beach in Wales on a sunny day. It is GORGEOUS (and has a castle to play in)

Harloch Beach Wales

Honestly, this is in Wales. I'm not kidding you. It's gorgeous!

– Make like Kerouac and go cuddle a kitty (or a dog, or any animal for that matter – guaranteed pick-me-up!). I recommend Hoo Farm Animal Kingdom in Telford, Shropshire – loads of cool cool animals to play with (you can even feed baby lambs in Spring!)

– As mentioned above, find a castle or some old ruins to play in. Take dumb pictures, do cartwheels in the grounds, hide in stone nooks, pose behind bars. Trust me it’s fun!

– Go to the theatre and see a show. Or even better go to Shakespeare’s Globe in London and see a cultural masterpiece (standing tickets in the yard are only £5).

– Make sandcastles. It never grows old, it’s really fun to be a big kid I swear (especially when you have friends who are equally as childish as you are).

Sandcastles Emma Rose Black

Yes I am 26. Yes I am a big kid.

– Have a night in and dress up like you’re going out. Or even better put on your finest fancy dress attire, your favourite tunes and have an old-fashioned dance around your bedroom.

– Planes, trains and automobiles – just go somewhere and enjoy the journey. I for one, love love love making the most of reading/writing time on coaches/trains/planes.

– Arrange an awesome night out to see your friends. Karaoke is always a firm favourite. is a firm karaoke chain favourite of mine. Private booths, dress up boxes, food/drink delivered to your room = too much fun my friends!

Karaoke Lucky Voice Friends

Put your hands up!

– Sign up for the Tastecard ( – they even do a free trial period if you want to try it out first before buying it) and get money off going for dinner (up to 50% off). There is nothing better than going out for dinner with your friends/family I think and having a good catch up over good food.

– Hit an art gallery or museum and just revel in some cultural goodness for the day. I personally love doing that – it’s loads of fun and when you go home and put your feet up, you really feel like you’ve made the most of your day.

– Go to the movies. Sitting in a cinema, with popcorn in hand, a loved one nearby and then a movie-diagnosis chat afterwards is just too much fun.

– Go bowling. Suck at it or be awesome, but regardless of how you do, just have a laugh! I love the shoes!!

lets-go-bowling vintage poster

– Go for a drive (ahh how I miss driving!) and sing your heart out to songs on your stereo. I used to love seeing the other drivers’ expressions when they realised I was doing my best on-the-go belting-it-out Mariah Carey impression. Woaaaahhhh!!

– Go for a walk in a forest. In my hometown there’s a beautiful forest called Cannock Chase (which was the forest that inspired Tolkien to write the Lord Of The Ring series, after he spent time there). It’s huge, full of wildlife and really breathtakingly beautiful.

– Go dancing. Anywhere you feel like. (In a fountain, on a dancefloor, in the middle of town…are just a few examples).

– Go to the zoo.

– Throw a house party and just let loose.

house party lights snacks dancing

Naturally this is MY list of things that make me deliriously happy, and you will have your own things to add to yours. Write your own list and I promise it will make you smile. Any of your ideas, I’d love to hear.

Enjoy the long weekend UK lovers & celebrate two whole days off everyone else 😉 – just think of all the stuff you can do!

Love Emma xx


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One Response to The Kerouac Cowgirl Adventure List

  1. Bexie-Boo says:

    I think this is my most favouritest entry yet. So inspiring.
    This is getting bookmarked to my favourites for those insipid, gloomy days….it’s an instant motivator. You are my Gala Darling ❤

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