You better work!

Don’t you just hate those post-trip blues?! I sure do. Knowing you got to slog it out a little longer again, before the next adventure…pahh! But can’t complain really, I’ve hardly been at work these past few weeks. But I think being back at work for the whole 5 days again, is going to prove a bit of a shock to the system. (Always is really eh?.)

Work eh?! Well…surely the perfect situation would just be just to pop in every now and again, and then get paid to bugger off again. This got me thinking about celebrities and how that is pretty much what they do, right?! A friend of mine recently informed me that the cast from the reality show ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ do very well from their club appearances (very very well in fact). And all they have to do is get ready, go out and party. Indeed just like the rest of us do, but THEY manage to earn £1,000’s for just turning up. Sounds perfect eh?

the only way is essex night out

Easy money? Big night out?

I think that in reality, most of us, would find that concept pretty weird. It sounds perfection but could we really do it? I think I’d find it pretty odd to be honest. I think working (whether it be at the office or at home) is actually pretty good for the soul. It keeps the brain in gear, gets you thinking up new ideas, and keeps you feeling a little more satisfied with your day.

As much as we would love to be sitting at home, with our feet up in front of the TV all day – after a while it does start to get a little boring doesn’t it? It’s weird I know but we’re just not used to it. We’ve been conditioned from a very early age to have a daily routine. Since we were babies, our parents set times for us throughout the day to eat/sleep/play, then came nursery and school to get us in the frame of mind of getting up and used to working all day…then came work (dunn dunn durrrr!).

Personally I like having a bit of a routine (as much as I think I don’t). I really love love love having lie-ins, but the thing is – I know for a fact my brain works better first thing in the morning. I’m more motivated, I come up with better ideas, I am rested and thus ready to roll!

It’s just that constant bed comfort/work ongoing battle to deal with, right? Part of me feels I’ve grown out of the staying in bed all day obsession of my student days. I never used to be able to understand people who said ‘oh but I feel like I’ve wasted the whole day staying in sleeping’, I used to think that’s what weekends were for – catching up with sleep. Now, I’m on their team. I like a lie-in but only up until a point (10am at the very very latest), if I go longer than that, then yeah I feel like I’ve lost out.

I think that has a lot to do with now living in a vibrant city. There is so much to do, weekends feel limitless. You want to be up and about and doing things. Back at home I would have happily spent a whole weekend in bed coz there was less to do I guess.

I’m going to leave you with this because in relation to any situation in life (whether we work, or we don’t) we deserve to always try harder…to GET BETTER.

After my weekend in Dublin watching Scroobius Pip – I just think he has it absolutely sussed it, in that song.  In two very simple words, he encourages you to think harder about what your doing. Get better at making the most of it all. Makes sense right? Thanks Mr Scroobius, sir!

Love Em xoxo


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