Brighton Rocks

So it’s not just me that is going to be taking time out from the world soon. A number of my friends also have similar grand ideas for leaving little Blighty for bigger & more exotic lands. And my friend Spasija is leaving for NYC next week. Very exciting. And so this weekend we celebrated in sunny Brighton – with drinks, hugs and candy.

British Sweets Pick n' Mix Sunglasses

Sweets for my sweet


I have to tell you how much I adore Brighton. I went there for the first time about 3 years ago with Spas and since then I’ve pretty much been smitten. It’s adorable, has a really great young friendly vibe, is chock full of vintage/independent stores and beautiful people.

It offers the cream of the crop in British culture.

Wai Kika Moo Kau Brighton Veggie Restaurant

I REALLY recommend this veggie restaurant...mmmm

The restaurants and bars all offer a quirky seaside vibe that is just quintessentially British. An instant recommendation for overseas visitors (especially while your visiting London – it’s only 45 mins away by train).

Returning to its fair shores this weekend and have to say it really is the BEST place to go to when the weather is fine.

I love being at the shoreline, with a cheeky drink in hand and good friends around. It’s a lot of fun.

brighton beach champagne


Naturally the pier is the place to hang out in the summertime. Lots of fun to be had for the big kids out there (like me).

brightonpierWith its quirky rides including a ghost train, carousel, waltzers and even an eerie gypsy fortune teller.

Taking a stroll down the pier is really nice on a sunny day, of course, but even if the wind is whistling around you – it’s still a nice past-time (and that blustery weather does make for that typical British day at the seaside you have been looking to experience). brighton carousel 😉

If you’re into photography, you can really get some nice shots here. I’m quite obsessed with fairgrounds and taking pictures of them, just because they’re so colourful.

So grab a stick of rock, a cup of tea and get on that beach.

And even though the beach may be missing the warm sand, you may have been expecting, it’s stoney shoreline is just so characteristic that who cares if it’s a bit uncomfortable to sit on. There is a reason they say ‘Brighton Rocks’ after all! 😉

Brighton Beach Hipstamatic

On this occasion to Brighton, I must admit, I couldn’t resist a bit of summer shopping. I got a denim shirt dress from H&M – which I felt could be a cute summer addition to the wardrobe.

Denim Dress Fringed Vest Indian Headdress

Cowboys & Indians

And I couldn’t resist finally getting a boho fringed waistcoat – just too cute and adds to my current Kerouac Cowgirl Dolly Parton vibe, I seem to be rocking of late haha. I’m not planning on going to any hoedown’s anytime soon but you never know eh?

Everytime I buy something at the moment, I can’t help but think to myself, could I pack this next year, as my cute girly item? Hmmm…what do you think?

But I must admit, this isn’t the only Brighton Beach I’ve ventured to, in my day. I also hit up New York’s very own Brighton Beach last year – ya know for research, just to compare!? I went there in October, so it was a bit nippy, but iI’ve got to say it’s probably one of the most unusual and interesting places I’ve ever been to (thus far).

Brighton Beach RestaurantsLots of Eastern-European restaurants aligned the boardwalk, offering some really weird and wonderful menu choices.

Tea with Cherry Jam Brighton Beach NY

Cherry Jam with your tea anyone?

Like cherry jam tea?

Soup in Brighton Beach

But but...there's an egg in ma soup?

Soup with a whole boiled egg in it?

Strange Lamps Woman

Huh? Lady are you ok under that lamp?

And some pretty offbeat decorations inside – I think we felt like we were in a David Lynch movie.

Mermaid Brighton USA

Brighton USA Mermaid.

And spookily I found graffiti mermaids at both beaches – cool eh?

Grafitti Mermaid Brighton

Brighton UK mermaid

So get yourselves to Brighton (whether you be over the pond, or here on Blighty shores) and enjoy that summer beach vibe.

Love & suitcases Em xoxo


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