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zoo lates london

Every Friday in the summer London Zoo comes alive with an abundance of nocturnal creatures. And this year there has been a dramatic increase in population, now that Zoo Lates has launched for its second year running. While you can go and see the real nocturnal monkeys, snakes and birds…Zoo Lates is when London’s real ‘party animals’ come out to play in June and July. And naturally I was more than happy to investigate the specimens myself.

Zoo Lates allows adults to enter the zoo from 6pm to 10pm, see the animals, go for a dance and enjoy a cheeky cocktail (cool eh?). It really is the ultimate summer night out in the city. Find yourself watching the penguins in their new Penguin Beach habitat, see the big cats having their evening snooze and then after all that grab a Pimms and check out the wildlife of the opposite sex lurking around. 😉


The Silent Disco Parties On

The night is made extra entertaining by the addition of a Silent Disco (seriously the m0st fun!) and the Strange Caberet going on near the central fountain. Who would have thought you’d see burlesque and people raving at the zoo? Not me. But like I say – in this city, it seems ANYTHING goes! And that’s what I love about it.



We sampled the amazing Gordon Ramsay picnic boxes and were absolutely blown away by how good they were (in fact, so did everyone else around us, who kept peering into the boxes or asking us questions – much to our annoyance mid-mouthful). We both had vegetarian boxes which consisted of a beautiful creamy cheese and spinach quiche, pasta with veggies and potato salad, and a beautiful berry compote with clotted cream and toffee crunch pieces *dribble*. Admittedly they are £20 each but wow – worth it!




And Wild Thing

And like the true ‘lost-girls’ that we are, we couldn’t resist having our faces painted for fun. Let me assure you we definitely were not the only adults who did this. From the moment we got there – the facepainting area had huge queues.

facepaintsThrongs of excitable intoxicated professionals just dying to get a tiger painted on their faces! (best thing ever!)

That was when we came to the conclusion that the whole evening really was just a big kids party. All that was missing at the end of the night, were the party bags. If there is one night I really recommend in London – it is this.

Zoo Lates is on until July 29, go to http://www.zsl.org for more information.

Go go Tigers!

Love Em xoxo


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