Travel Accessories (Go-Go Girl must haves!)

Seriously loving the amount of travel-inspired jewellery/bags/tags/general goodies out there at the moment!

Yellow Bon Voyage Vintage Postal Knickers Accessorize

Oh well what do you know - the 2nd butt I have put on here but these are just too cute (and y'all can't see anythin' anyway) 😉 from Accessorize Summer Sale

Although travel tattoos say something in a way that jewellery/trickets never can, travel-influenced pieces still emphasise our adoration of travel symbolism. From maps and backpacks to birds and aeroplanes. We like to leave places with mementos or we like to just emphasise our love for travel in general.

There is something reassuring about looking at such tokens and being reminded of why these things are so important to us. When I found this charm bracelet the other day I just fell in love because I felt there was literally a symbol for everything I love.

Travel Charm bracelet from Accessorize

Accessorize Charm Bracelet £14. Ain't it just the cutest thing?

  • A red London bus – for my love of London.
  • A suitcase – for that moment when you start packing and get that excited swirling tummy feeling.
  • A globe – for my determination of seeing as much of the world as possible (and also my current obsession with antique globes and other such travel memorabilia).
  • An aeroplane – for my love of flying (the perfect image of escapism eh?)
  • A camera – for the love of photography! (Which clearly is the ultimate holiday souvenir.) If I lost a souvenir – I’d be cool about it, if I lost all my photos – I’d be distraught.
  • A postcard – for the importance of keeping in touch and collecting them to add to your travel scrapbook/inspiration-board. Mighty satisfying indeed.
  • Binoculars – for searching out GoHo adventures at all times 😉

It’s awesome when you find something that you feel is just really meant for you! Like finding that perfect tattoo design – you just know it’s right.

I also got this:

Charm Travel Necklace from Accessorize

Charm Travel Necklace from Accessorize

As you can see all the items were bought from Accessorize (in the sale no less!). I always find a walk into Accessorize means struggling not to buy something – the stuff is super cute and is the PERFECT one-stop-shop for gifts (so if you are ever stuck, now, you know where to go!).

But naturally there is a lot of other awesome accessories out there that also can be found at very reasonable prices:

pin-up luggage tags

Pin-Up Luggage Tags by Fluff £5.49 each on

These funky little mamas are the perfect suitcase addition in my opinion. Adding some colour and sass to any boring suitcase.

Awesome gifts and under £6, these are great for anybody – everyone loves to travel after all.

Paper Plane Luggage Tag Passport Cover

Paper Plane Luggage Tag/Passport Cover £16.96 on

I also really love this postal-inspired passport cover and luggage tag by Paper Plane – it just makes sense doesn’t it. Super-cute to boot and now in the sale!

The whole Paper Plane range is all inspired by vintage postal designs and are just the perfect addition to any GoGo Girl’s backpack in my opinion!

We can still be chic on the go my friends!

Paper Plane Wallet

Paper Plane Wallet £16.96 from

In fact I’m pretty much in love with the whole Paper Plane range, I mean aren’t these just the cutest?!

Paper Plane Washbag

Paper Plane Washbag £16.96 from

I’m in love with them ALL it is official! Perfect gifts for someone you know who is going away – whether they are leaving the country or just leaving their current job – they are delicious!

If I could get my hands on the entire range I think I’d be a very happy girl. WISHLIST WISHLIST (hehe!).

World map pillow

Snuggle? Problem is this is my favourite and I can't find who sells it? Found on Tumblr.

And for the plane ride, this is just perfection. I’m actually pretty determined on nabbing one of these for myself. Does anyone know where I can get this pillow from? You can lay your weary head on it, put pretty pins in it to mark where you have been to and even cuddle up to the world on those lonelier evenings. Hello World…come to mama!

Now you’re adorned with jewels and have your bag kitted out with luggage tags, you just need that plane ticket. Oh Mr Bransonnn!!!…

Love Em xoxo


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  1. Spencer says:

    this blog is good and nice and have gain more knowledge for visit us

  2. Lizigee says:

    The travel pillow I’ve seen on American site Etsy. It came up in a newsletter 🙂

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