Recap on Resolutions


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I think it’s time to look back at New Year’s resolutions and see how we’re getting on now eh? To be honest this is the first year I’ve actually taken New Year’s resolutions seriously and actually compiled a list – and I think it’s really made a difference. I actually have actioned most of them! How have you done with yours?

Knowing this was my pre-trip year to shine, I knew I was going to want to achieve a lot this year. So here’s my half-year review 🙂

Well, No 1, I am most proud of, as my travel plans are definitely in full swing. Admittedly I had 2 months off from saving, due to sorting some debts out, but I am fully back on track now. In fact July has been my best month so far in terms of money-sensibility so I’m really happy about that. Conversations with my parents this weekend solidified my tour choices for India and S E Asia and they are wonderfully supportive (I am such a lucky girl). I will have hit a money milestone at the end of August too, which I’m really excited about. 😀

2. I haven’t secured a freelance jobby quite yet but have had lots of great feedback. I am going to work so hard on this for the rest of this year. Additional money for my savings fund will be MUCH MUCH  appreciated.

3. I signed up to do a fantastic 9-week Freelance Journalism class, which I have just finished. I loved it, I’d say it was pretty much the most valuable course I have ever done. I am signing up to do a web-design class in September and I am also doing a Blogging on WordPress course (no less!) thanks to an awesome deal I spotted on GroupOn (remember how I bigged that site up in:’re-broke/). I love learning!

Vintage Typewriter

c/o mak3light on Tumblr

4. Now writing is one thing I have definitely been doing this year. I am in love with it again and I think it’s going to be a lifelong thing my loves! I’ve been doing articles, poems, short stories and loving it!

5. I have never admitted this to you before my friends but I used to do burlesque (ohh-errr! 😉 see: and I loved it but it really is a big commitment and as much as I wanted to start up again, due to all this saving and writing I have been doing, I was never going to be able to realistically do that as well. I decided to prioritise my writing and hopefully return to my days as Lula at a later date. She’s on the back-burner God bless ‘er!

6. I’m proud to admit I really have made the most of living in London. I always research what is going on and then plan it out with my friends.  We always try to do different things and always have a ball. Our latest fun night out was at 1940s themed club night The Blitz Party and I cannot recommend it enough for dress up fun


THIS is the life.

7. I’m not the best at keeping in touch and I hate that. I MUST DO BETTER. Especially in readiness for next year – I HAVE to keep in touch. I’m just far too reliant on Facebook & Twitter 😛 But then when I’m writing I refuse to have any of those open, so I don’t get distracted.

8. I go home to see my parents once a month but I’m still not going to Newcastle enough as it’s so pricey. But I have arranged to go for the August bank holiday for a long weekend and then I want to book another weekend in advance so I can get a good deal.


My Auntie & Uncle's house in Newcastle is my fave place in the world 🙂

9 & 10. Ugh I haven’t been putting my health forward I’m afraid. I do walk to and from work everyday (40 mins) but that is it really. I do need to do more, I am going to return to my yoga days and really could do with joining WW again to lose this extra stone. Damn snacking and Strongbow :/

11. I sure do try and dance a lot. Usually in our kitchen! 😉

12. I have been pushing to do more unusual things but I still haven’t booked anything of major excitement. I have ALWAYS wanted to do paragliding (it seems to be the closest way of being able to fly) 🙂

13. Ugh I haven’t tried making any clothes yet. Outright fail. I just don’t think the pasties I made at the end of last year, really count as ‘clothes’. Hmmm…

14. Oh yes! I sure do like to blog but I am aiming to post much more frequently – at least 3 times a week. I now see Gohemian Travellers more like an e-zine for travel-obsessives and ambitious folks who dream outside the 9 to 5, so I endeavor to increase content, and to keep it fresh, funny and fabulous.

15. Since moving to London I have managed to meet so many new people and I think that’s what it’s all about. Thank goodness for the gals and guys I’ve met so far – y’all have made being here super fun!

Canada Day London Fun

16. This is my money mantra. I have had weak moments and bought some random things but as a whole I have been very good. I now always think to myself ‘are you going to take that with you next year?’ If the answer is no, then I don’t bother. It’s a nice reminder of what travelling is ALL about – Tina Dico (Thanks Dan!) sums it up perfectly in her song ‘Paper Thin’:

17. I haven’t got my cameo tattoo but I have contacted numerous studios about getting it done. But as saving really is the priority at GoHo HQ now, I don’t know when I will get this. But I want it. I’d love to have my outlines done before I go. But it may be something I have to do whilst I’m away, who knows?

Did you guys write New Year’s reso’s? How did you do?

Love Em xox


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One Response to Recap on Resolutions

  1. Bexi-Boo says:

    RE: #17: How about a super best-friendie makes a donation towards your tattoo as an early b’day present? Then at least you’ll have something to remember me by on your adventures… 😀

    Biffles x x

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