Relationships On The Road

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It’s come to that time where I feel it’s important to talk about relationships and the road, mainly because, well, finally I feel like I’m ready to meet someone (after 2 and a half years – finally, indeed). But the issue with this is that, doing an around-the-world trip next year, means I can’t really allow myself to do that.

Thinking about this, I was curious, do YOU think you can embark on world travel when you’re in a relationship (especially when they’re being left behind)? And will it work if you do?

My thinking is that it would be selfish to get involved with someone and then bugger off for two years. And I still think have to do the majority of this trip solo (especially Asia), to really get the full flavour of travelling, to be the Kerouac Cowgirl as I’ve always wanted to be, (see:, to pat myself on the back and say ‘Hey! I did it!’

With doing something as life-altering as this, you have to make sacrifices. Not just financially but emotionally too. It’s one of those things that definitely bothers me, but it just seems like the right thing to do. To hold back, as hard as that may be.


Love Long Distance. Can it be done?

My thinking was that, being away from someone for a long time is just tough. And keeping in touch is going to be hard enough as it is, especially while I’m in Asia (and even in OZ with that gnarly time difference). I remember being pretty bad at keeping in touch when I was in the states for three months, one summer. I found the time distance a pain in the ass (especially in the first few weeks when I literally couldn’t get up before 3pm – I let the jetlag defeat me :/), I was always busy doing things and going places and so I ended up getting in touch much less than expected. Nonetheless it definitely caused some arguments.

I imagine to be with someone on the road would really be wonderful, but a great, great test. I will put my hand up and admit that I’m an independent lady who likes to go off alone, have time to contemplate but I remember watching Into The Wild last year and really being worried about feeling this:

happiness_is_only_real_when_shared Into The Wild Realisation

Screengrab from Sean Penn's Into The Wild

That penultimate scene in the movie is just so sad, I couldn’t stop thinking about it for weeks. I was going to cancel the idea of my trip altogether to be honest, after seeing that. I thought until I found someone who was as passionate about going, as going as I was, I couldn’t go. But then I realised I couldn’t wait. It would be stupid to wait. I couldn’t put something so important to me on hold, so I made the decision and that was it…I haven’t looked back. I know loneliness will hit at some point, as it does every lone ranger but I can be proud that I’m doing what I love, I can pat myself on the back and be happy in the knowledge that I’ve done it.

But I’m sure relationships do work on the road – I’d love to be proven otherwise to be honest! Tell me of any examples – I’d love to hear them :).


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Love hearts… Em xoxo ❤ ❤


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