The Goho Mixtape (The Soundtrack To Your Travels)


Let's boogie!

I was listening to songs at random on my iPod and I didn’t realise how many inspirational songs I had on there. You know those songs that make you feel really good, or really excited for something, or just put you into happy daydream mode? Yea? Well, I found a bunch of them! So, as a result, I created a Gohemian playlist for Goho’s (naturally) on-the-go and now it’s time to share it with you, my friends.

First up has to be my all-time favourite inspirational song ‘Keep The Car Running’ by Arcade Fire. It literally gives me butterflies everytime I listen to it. I imagine being on the road and looking at all the awesome sights go by. Wind in your hair. Wayfarers on. Ahhhh. Roll on being on the road again!

The classic travellin’ tune for all y’all awesome lone rangers out there:

I really like newbie jazz gal, Caro Emerald’s ‘Riveria life’, as it just sums up so well how getting away from it all really is the best thing for the soul. Forget the chicken soup and get hustlin’ with that backpack of yours!

Ugh The Black Keys can do no wrong in my eyes. This cover of Junior Kimbrough’s ‘Meet Me In The City’ makes me go weak at the knees (as does the rest of their songs). Just imagine being in a city you’ve always dreamed about being in and going to meet your friends there. Awesome.

I have been listening to a lot of Incubus lately and when this song came on one day, it was like all of sudden my ears pricked up and I just really took in the lyrics. “Will I ever get to where I’m going? If I do, will I know when I am there? If the wind blew me in the right direction, yeah, would I even care..? I would.” I have thought about this idea many times: what I am going to think once I reach these dream destinations? Will I be satisified? Will I know this place is my final destination?  The song, just seemed to sum up exactly what I was thinking. 🙂 I like when that happens.

I love The Kinks and this song is just so fun and uplifting. And when you decide to go on your travels ‘sitting on your sofa’ is the last thing you are going to be doing. Save that for when your old n’ grey my friends! It be time to explore these here parts **in my best pirate impression**. (God, isn’t that sofa awesome???!!)

Well, it’s blatantly going to be HOT, HOT, HOT everywhere I go and so, yup, something this poor pearly white skin has got to get used to. What a tune though! Do your best Billy snarls to this one 😀 (Send me pictures! I wanna see those snarls in action!) 😉

No matter how many times I listen to this song it just fills me with wanderlustin’ joy! Oh yes! If you haven’t seen Into The Wild – you must! You just must!

This song just makes me want to be singing at the top of my lungs, in a car with all of my friends, it’s just so fun and I love the adventurous video! “Well the dashboard melted but we still had the radio!” Yeahhh!! Is the video meant to replicate an episode of The Mighty Boosh though (Old Greg anyone?)?

The perfect road trip song, this song was designed to be listened to at full blast whilst cruising down Route 66. Just delicious!

DANCE, DANCE, DANCE for it’s Wednesday my friends! iPods at the readyyy!

Liebe Em xox


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I'm Emma, I'm 29 and I am a Gohemian. I am fueled by my passion to travel all over the world and to help others reach their dreamy, sparkly goals (no matter how scary they are). GohemianTravellers celebrates ambition, personal development and happiness and offers bucket loads of advice to travellers and quarter-life crisis survivors (just like me)! Life is all about the GoGo! So let's GO!
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2 Responses to The Goho Mixtape (The Soundtrack To Your Travels)

  1. adpraisal says:

    I love Caro Emerald too, my favourite song of her’s is A Night Like This-

  2. Edwin Kuka says:

    You have red the write-up in travel storm September2011, too, right? The writer had some pictures from his travels via the world and wrote extremely similar about his trip. Oh man, and I’ve to remain the next four month in my dull hometown till i can travel again.

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