Using eBay to Save Up a Storm


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So if you’re anything like me at the moment, you’re frantically trying to save some money to reach that all-important goal. In my case, it’s an around-the-world trip, but no matter what you’re saving for, you can make your money go so much further by using eBay.

You may have used eBay a million times to buy things (it’s so useful eh?), but now rather than browsing for goodies, you’re hoping to save that money for your next big thing. All you need to do is switch your knowledge of eBay from buying, to selling. It may seem like it’s going to be complicated but I can assure you it’s not. It’s pretty darn easy.

I’ve been selling on eBay for a few years now and I always get asked about how to do it, so this is the Gohemian definitive guide.

Let’s face it, we all have things we haven’t worn or used just lying around gathering dust and taking up space. It’s time to put them out there for someone else to grab. Most people will end up chucking unwanted items in a charity shop bag, but why do that when you can get some money back? (FYI: I absolutely encourage donating to charity shops- it’s always great to contribute but try making it the items that you know, you may struggle to sell).

Ideally you want to sell your items for at least £10, as then your eBayin’ efforts will seem that little bit more worth it. Because, believe me, sorting your unwanted items can take time to sort (it’s definitely one of those jobs best left to a boring Sunday afternoon).


Mountains of unworn items? Sort it out kids! Pic: c/o

So first of all, you need to:

  • Sort through ALL of your stuff (and I mean everything), pull out anything you think you won’t wear or use (be truthful!!).
  • Sort everything out into piles. Any items you think will sell (ie, branded items like Topshop, Fred Perry etc) should sell easily, or any unusual/rare/limited edition items. Any items you don’t think you’d make at least £10 on, put in a donations bag for a charity shop.
  • Take photographs of each item you want to sell (this is incredibly monotanous I won’t lie, but make it into a bit more fun event, by putting some good music on, having a dance around and a giggle as you take the photos. You should absolutely channel your inner ‘Vogue’, by taking pictures of yourself in the outfits (it really is the best way to show what a clothing item looks like). But I recommend cutting your head out of the shot, it is a tad weird fully posing on the eebs (unless necessary, ie, for headwear). You can remain hidden behind your eBay name so no-one has to know you actually bought those metallic MC Hammer pants, you’re now so desperately trying to get rid of. 😉


    Work It!

Then it’s a matter of getting a bit technical on the site itself. I presume you have Paypal all set up (after you’ve been buying all those eBay bargains, I’m sure!). But the one thing I really recommend you to do, is to get your account verified. This will efficiently ensure your bank account is linked up to Paypal (so you will definitely get paid – phew!). Paypal will make 2 small deposits into your bank account, then you just have to find these amounts on your bank statement and then confirm the amounts you received back on the Paypal website. Easy-peasy! 🙂

Then selling really is as easy as going on the site and instead of clicking on the ‘Buy’ tab, you click on the ‘Sell’ tab (ooooo new territory!). You will be taken to a screen which asks you to type in the title description of your item. In this case remember to include:

  • Size
  • Brand
  • Keywords you think people will be looking for (things that are current and in fashion – like, ‘Burlesque’ or if the item is like something a celebrity would wear you could type ‘Dita’ etc.)
  • If it’s special/rare/whatever add that too! (Make people want it!).

Then you will be taken to another screen which shows what you’ve just put, I then, always click on the button at the top which says ‘Switch to a Form with More Choices’- this will allow you to fill in more details about your item. You then just need to fill in all the specific details related to your item (try and fill in as much as you can, as this will assist you in coming up in more searches).

Upload your picture(s), figure out your postage (by going on Post Office) and then when you’re happy with everything, you can check how your ad will look on the next page. Then you’re ready to post it live on the site 😀 (if you’ve made a mistake, fret not!, you can edit it at any time via My eBay).


Pic c/o

Admittedly eBay is not totally free but the fees they ask for are pretty reasonable (think pennies), it’s only when you put a lot of items on that you will see your fee total get that little bit higher. You get charged:

  •  An insertion fee (based on the starting price of your item).
  • Final Value Fee (based on how much the item sells for).
  • Listing Upgrades (such as Buy It Now, more pics, subtitles).


  • When you’re writing your description of the item, save a copy in Word – then if your item doesn’t sell, you can just copy and paste it in again should you need to (FYI: re-writing descriptions is NOT FUN!).
  • Keep checking your account to see if you have any messages from bidders (and make sure you reply).
  • Really scrutinise your items before describing them and then be honest if there are ANY FLAWS in the item (even a teeny-tiny rip/stain – just mention it). If they want additional photos of these issues, they will ask for them.
  • DO NOT post your item until you have RECEIVED payment into your Paypal account.
  • Use their address listed on their Paypal invoice (not from the email eBay sends to you once you’ve been paid – this can be incorrect and not their most updated address!).
  • If you’re unsure of the weight/cost (go to your Post Office and they will check it for you).
  • There will always be risks when sending items abroad.
  • If someone is unhappy with their item just be polite (even if they weren’t), tell them to send it back and you will sort the refund (refunds are very straight-forward and all explained on Paypal), it’s not worth the hassle.
  • Wrap the package to the best of your ability (people get upset if they receive a ripped parcel, so sometimes that extra tape really does come in handy).


    The Post Office are going to LOVE you, but your bank manager will love you even more if you sell all that 🙂

Any other questions you will be able to find the answers to, through eBay Help.

Fret not my lovelies, you can do it! And before you know it, you will have all those extra pennies you need to make your plans come true!

GO FOR IT. Love Em xoxo


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  2. Becca says:

    I will give you £10 for your metallic MC Hammer pants…!

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