Weekend What To Do’s


Flying towards the weekend Photo: Emma Rose Black

Here at Goho HQ, it seems money really does rule the roost at the moment. If you’re saving too and really feeling that pinch (even after payday) then the weekend can really feel like a bit of a bummer. All that free time and what can you do? Actually quite a lot, for hardly any pennies at all….

Do you have?

  • A loud stereo system?
  • Eyeliner?
  • A wig?
  • A bottle of liquor? (technically this should last longer than wine etc)
  • An ability to bake?
  • Access to the t’internet?
  • Walking shoes?
  • A book your dying to read?
  • A camera?
  • A fancy outfit you’ve been wishing to wear?
  • Some fantabulous shoes?
  • Some sticky-back plastic, a glue gun and the ability to make a home-made version of Tracy Island (oh I kid! I kid!).


    Just in case you;d never seen it before, home-made Tracy Island a la Blue Peter

Anyway, You do have all that stuff?!! Then your weekend is going to be AWESOME!

Weekends are often all about going out and hitting new hotspots with your friends – but this naturally bumps up the cost. Don’t worry however to save money you can still have a great time by having a few cheap (but very fun) weekends a month too. Let me explain…

  • Use the stereo to crank up some tunes (I like to have a hip-hop dance off every now and again – GUARANTEED FUN). Get your mates to come around in their finest hip-hop inspired attire and do a some dancin fo’ shizzle!

    Little Girl Hip Hop

    Photo c/o visualphotos.com - Is this not the best photo ever? Get down, get down kids.

  • Eyeliner is a little wonder. You can draw a fake moustache, big bushy eyebrows, fake tattoos….then take some very silly photos to giggle at.faketattoos
  • We all know I’m quite the wig abassador, well, you really cannot beat throwing a wig party with your friends and having a giggle.

Wig it up!

  • Booze does tend to make things a tad more amusing, but if you don’t drink it’s all good – you just make sure you pick up something (doesn’t have to break the bank) that is a real treat for you.
  • Bake some goodies and have your friends over for a tea party. This book will sort you out Tea-Party wise: 🙂 Amazon.VintageTeaPartyBook
  • We’re all on the t’internet nowadays, and naturally there’s loads to do on there. If you’re wanting a nice chilled out weekend just watching TV shows and movies for free, I really recommend TV Links. You can watch LOADS of things on there. You can also read your favourite blogs, start up a free blog on WordPress, watch Lonely Island videos on You Tube…oh yes the list is endless.


  • Hit the road Jack, you don’t have to stay in to save money. Just make sure you take nibbles/drink with you and just go for a walk, go sit in your local park and make daisy chains, take your dog out and play, take your younger family members to an adventure playground (and join in on the fun).
  • There’s nothing like settling down with a book you love. So read it in bed, in the park, in a coffee shop, even in the library and just enjoy some literature.


    AMAZING. Photo c/o justabookclub

  • Go out and take some pictures, it’s fun and then you’ve got loads of material for that potential blog/blank wall of yours.


    I like playing with cameras... 😉

  • If you have an outft you’ve been itching to wear – just put it on. Work it! Even if your plan for the day is to do nothing but chill out – it will make you feel pretty damn good. Take some pictures of you wearing it, go and do your weekly shop in it, dance around your bedroom, who cares?! Just enjoy! 


    Photo c/o sianlynwen.tumblr

  • Same principle for sexy shoes, just put those bad boys on, while you do the ironing, the washing up, lie in the bath-tub…

Photo c/o whiskeyontherocks.tumblr



Photo c/o dounechi.tumblr

I mean seriously if you owned these shoes WHY ON EARTH would you ever take them off? Am I right? Or am I right?!

Have an awesome weekend loves! Tell me what you get up to…I look forward to emails at emma.r.black@hotmail.co.uk or contact me on


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One Response to Weekend What To Do’s

  1. Jurassica says:

    Excellent advice as always. I wish I could get wiggy with y’all! xoxo

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