Loving Of Late: No. 1

Heart Girl Loving Of Late

It really has been madness over the past few weeks so after all the packing, moving and sweating, I’m just beginning to breathe a sigh of relief (phew!).

But it hasn’t been all work, work, work, I’ve been slipping some fun times in there too. And thanks to this fantastic Indian summer we’ve been having, getting out there and finding excuses to do stuff, has been super easy. 🙂

So it’s time to introduce a new feature at GT, ‘Loving of Late’ – a random ensemble of things that have been making me smile 😀 😀 :D. So as a mega-catch up, here is a list of things I have been love, love, LOVING of late ❤ ❤ ❤ :

  • Sunshine.
  • Still not needing to wear a coat in October.
  • Halloween sweeties.
  • Lying on beaches (in October!!)

    This is October.Hazy Autumn Heatwaves....Photo credit: Emma Rose Black

  • House-parties.
  • Packing up the old flat and getting down and dirty (or clean for that matter) to Girl Talk and the Lonely Island. 😀
  • The silliness and giggles you can achieve with plastic flowers and fruit.


    Yes we are a bit bonkers.

  • Puggy cuddles (can there really be anything better than that!?). Non.


    It looks like I'm squeezing the life outta him, poor little bub, but I can assure you I wasn't.

  • Lying under huge leaf-shedding trees and sunbathing(!!!).


    Photo credit Emma Rose Black

  • Transforming my new little room, into my fantastic girly Goho HQ with my nik-naks and paintings, ❤
my room

An essence of everything I love. What can you spot?

  • My organisation skills (been ticking off some serious stuff of my to-do lists).
  • Big plans coming together.
  • New travel arrangements (ooooooooo news to follow). 🙂
  • Learning new skills.
  • This month is the month of ZOMBIES! (I am going to be one on at least 3 seperate occasions this month). Y.E.S! All thanks to my incredible friend Becca Carberry – she sorts and finds all the best fancy dress fun!!! I love you girl! FYI: World Zombie Day London was up there with the Royal Wedding– in the most fun day ever stakes! 


    Zombie Sargeant Me at World Zombie Day photo c/o SoulStealer Photography

  • Paying wayyyyyy less for rent and saving sooo much more.
  • Realising my trip is soooo soooo soon. 😀
  • Vampire obsessions.
  • It’s Hocus Pocus watching time!


    My biggest Autumn love - these gals.

  • Planning a week’s relaxation holiday with my Mamma for November (ohhhh yes!!!).
  • All the Ryan Gosling movies out at the moment – Crazy Stupid Love was good but needed more Gosling (how about we just have a movie of just Gosling being hot, Hollywood yeah? YEAH.)


    All hail the GOZ.

  • Regular updates of GT will now continue (yaaaaaaaay!!! back to normal!!)

What are you loving at the mo?

Love always, Em xoxo

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