The Definitive Guide to Gettin’ Yo Mellow On


November Beach Loving

Ahhhh bliss....

And our first topic is about the importance of being…as chilled out as possible. (Sounds good huh?)

Well I can tell y’all are starting to get that Christmas panic on! I’ve seen the adverts creeping in, the Christmas lights popping up, the trees sneaking themselves into view. Well stop right there. Take a deep breath and sit your butt down! (phew!) 😉

Everything is going to be alright as long as you stay calm and make quality time for you (no excuses!). That’s what I’ve done and boy do I feel better!

I’ve been in Paphos, Cyprus, since last Sunday and it really has been so nice just chilling out after all the madness of the few weeks. Sometimes you’ve just gotta stop and let go of the silliness for a bit and have some quality YOU YOU YOU time.

Coral Bay Paphos Cyprus


I am one of worst people out there for over-booking myself with events, meet-ups and errands. I have amazing friends I want to see, family I want to spend quality time with and then there’s the necessary alone-time I also need – and how on earth do I squeeze that in too? Well I’ve got to admit, my alone time of late has been getting a bit few and far between and personally I find it extremely important to make time for it, for your own sanity. I was starting to loose the plot a little with all the work, work, work and rushing around. That is when you know you just gotta STOP.

Stop Sign Smile Fisheye

Image c/o:

But when you stop, what do you do then? That’s where this little list comes into play.

The definitive guide to getting yo’ mellow on.

  • Do the ultimate chill-out favour to yourself and book a holiday. Even if no-one else can go with you, just go! Just take a few days, a weekend, or even longer if you want and just wander around a place that you’re super interested in. I promise you, it is not half as bad as you think. It is amazing thinking time for you. After all, when you’re away from real life, you really get to figure out what you want and what really makes you happy. Embrace it. If you come back wanting a career change, fair enough, do your research and look into it. Just GO for it. You will be damn proud of yourself too. It’s not sad, it’s very very exciting (just see my post about my Winter Adventure in Chicago for proof).
  • Take some time off and order a load of books from Amazon ready for it – just curl up and enjoy a few good books. I personally never seem to have time to read books anymore, so being here and just getting that time has been so, so valuable.
  • Play about on photobooth and have a giggle.
Photobooth silliness

  • Sign up for some classes. Do cooking, dress-making, yoga (whatever your dying to try out) – I really recommend City Lit – it’s a great Central London college which offers so so many great long and short courses. You’ll feel productive and satisfied you’ve used your time well.
  • Do as much walking as you can manage. Get that iPod on or just listen to the world as you walk – exercise/meets awesome thinking time. Perfect. Walking to and from work is really beneficial for me. But random walks in forests are even better 😉
  • See the fun in everything and be a big kid.
Paphos Cyprus Being a big kid

Make like Mamma Mo and be a big kid....

  • Have a bath. I think the only time I use baths is when I’m at a hotel. It’s nice not to feel to guilty about using the water and being in the bathroom for hours – just have a really good long soak. Let those fingers wrinkle up, feel squeaky-clean and thoroughly relaxed. Who needs a spa eh?! Not us!
  • Write lists about stuff you really want to do/achieve. Just doing that will make you feel productive and inspired, I promise.
  • Find a cave/a forest/a hidden pathway and explore it.
Tomb Raiding in the Tombs Of The Kings, Paphos

Tomb Raiding in the Tombs Of The Kings, Paphos

  • Forget watching the TV trash and instead opt for some of the TED talks on  YouTube – massively inspiring stuff! EastEnders depresses me to an extreme level, TED gets me thinking and feeling good – I know which one I’ll opt for on a quiet night in.

Some people are not fans of alone-time at all, some of us are fanatics about it, some of us just need a few mins here and there – whatever works for you is fine, as long as you get the respite you require.

Frankie Says Relax Ross Friends

Photo c/o:

I have never been so happy to get away from the city right now, I just needed to be surrounded with some beautiful scenery and just have some reading/writing/resting time. See my previous post on the benefit of winter holidays – they really are so good for the soul. So if you haven’t done it this year, I emplore you to consider it for next year.

Winter Cocktails Emma Rose Black


And with next year’s holidays in mind, don’t stress the crazy Christmas stuff, I’m sure good old’ Santa will have it all in hand for you (Christmas is meant to be fun remember!)

Love & cocktails Em xoxox


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