Dealing With Bad Weather On Holiday

Sun setting in Paphos, Cyprus

Sun setting in Coral Bay - Paphos, Cyprus

I really recommend the Coral Bay area of Paphos – it’s beautiful, the location is perfect and it’s a nice and quiet part of town. Now naturally, as me and my mamma have decided to come here in November, we wanted to celebrate Mamma’s October birthday and get some quality pre-Christmas relaxation time.

We absolutely knew there was a possibility the weather was not going to be great. It has in fact been a bit mixed. Has that stopped us? NON. NON. NON.

We are very much glass half full kind of people, we see this holiday as our special mother/daughter fun time before I go away. And as a result I think we may have been the only people who haven’t been complaining at this resort this week. Yup it got a bit chilly (we found blankets), it rained (we found an umbrella), it got a bit windy (we laughed that it was just like home). We are pro-active, positive people and that my friends, is how you combat the bad holiday weather.

Em & Mo Mother Daughter Holiday

Still smiling through the storms

If the clouds gather above your head and the rain falls, make the most of cuddles, tell stories, sing songs, play games and laugh. Maybe this is the way to view a bad weather holiday – as precious time to have serious together time. Who cares if you’re gunna get wet, get wet together and just laugh about it. That’s what we’ve been doing.

I have heard a lot of people complaining this week and I’ve just felt sorry for them. That they are not having half as much fun as me and my mom are. Admittedly, we Brits, are OBSESSED with the weather but sometimes you gotta just think ‘We’re used to this at home, so what does it really matter?!’ We grab onto the moments of sunshine in the UK, like we’re scrambling for golden nuggets – when it comes, we’re the happiest people you could ever meet! When it goes, we’re pretty blue but we suck it up and get on with it. Your holiday is no different! Don’t allow the negativity ruin it. You’re still away from work, away from paying the bills, away from the day-to-day bores – so that is pretty damn AWESOME!

Fun Mother Daughter Holiday

Who said holidays with your parents are dull!?! Not with this lady.

Holidays ain’t the time to complain, but if you gotta how’s about taking this piece of advice from Lykke Li:

Love & good times Em xoxox


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