Christmas Travel Tips



So it’s the most wonderful time of the year! And so that means; wrapping gifts, singing songs and getting prepared for visiting your loved ones.

Whether you’re going near or far, Christmas travel can be a real pain, what with the weather often working against you, the price of travel tickets sky-rocketing and then there’s the question of HOW ON EARTH are you going to get all those presents into your suitcase??!! (Believe me I’m thinking the same myself!). Well it may be tricky and it may be a pain in the butt, but you can make it fun (no fairy dust required I swear!).

So to get in the right frame of mind, I need you to channel your inner Kevin (a la Home Alone) and get smart-thinking, a little crafty and a little bit musical. Think you can do it?


My best Kevin Impression

I hoping by now now, you have got your travel tickets sorted – doing it all in advance is key! But if not, no worries, the price you’re paying, is to see your family & friends and that is 100% worth it! In regards to your presents, YOU’VE STILL GOT TIME! But if you’re anything like me and hate the shops, you have until tomorrow to order stuff online. DO IT!

Remember to pack the Christmas essentials before you go, such as:

  • A Santa hat (to wear on Christmas morning, at dinner, in bed)
  • Glitter (to put over your presents, on the table, on your face)
  • Your camera (to get those silly pics of the family)
  • Spare Christmas cards (should you forget someone – you never know!)
  • Earplugs (maybe you have young ones in the family, well we all know how exciting it is at that age, but maybe there’s a possibility you don’t want to get woken up at 5am).
  • Other than those, I’d say just the normal – sugar and spice and all things nice should do it 😉

So now it’s time to pack all that stuff up – kinda the boring bit eh? Well we can make it fun. I really think you have to dress the part really when dealing with your Chrimbo prep, because it really adds to that Christmas spirit – so first up, grab your Santa hat, put some glitter on, stripey socks, bit of tinsel in your hair and voila – you are ready to get all your stuff organised like a good little elf!


Image c/o:

Then, I suggest you get your favourite Christmas songs blasting as you wrap and pack your stuff up ready for your trip – this will really get you in the mood. You can do a little dance around your suitcase, shimmy around, as your stuff your bags like a turkey. Just go for it! I really recommend the new She & Him Christmas record – it’s awesome. It definitely gets you in that festive spirit! (I should know I’ve been losing the spirit a bit of late, but putting that on – definitely gets it back!).


Buddy & Zooey awwww

And naturally Miss Deschanel gets me thinking about my favourite Christmas movie Elf! So if you don’t want to listen to music as you pack, put that movie on, along with any of your other favourites and you’ll soon find you will have your packing done before you know it. I firmly believe that with any chore, you should aim to distract yourself from the boredom of the task. When I do washing/ironing etc, I like to watch a movie at the same time and it always does the trick for me – the chore becomes kinda fun because you just get into the movie/music and before you know it – you’re all done!

Once you’ve wrapped and packed it all, then you’ve gotta get thinking about your journey – and no matter what route you’re taking making sure your iPod is stocked up with Christmas tunes – is essential. Just get those tunes on and that will get you singing the whole way there. It may annoy your fellow passengers, it may get them joining in on it all but really it’s a good laugh and a bit of fun, so why not right?!

colin firth christmas sweater

Nice eh?

Also you really should think about buying a Christmas jumper – the tackier and naff-er the better! And greet your loved ones at the door with a big Christmas hug – they will laugh if anything and I’m pretty sure you’ll be feeling pretty jokes in it – well embrace it, that’s what I say!


Primark £9.99

And for those really adventurous ones out there – how about you just hit Primark and get a festive onesie! I know you want to! Comfort, joy and warmth all in an outfit. YES!

But if you really don’t want to push the boat out too much with the clothing, how about just some Pat Butcher festive earrings, an antler headband or at least a Santa hat! Dressing up is key my loves!

So you’ve packed, sang along to the Chrimbo tunes in the car, dressed the part…now what else can you do to make your trip even better??!!


Bake Bake Bake!

SUGAR! I suggest you get baking some treats and take them home to present to your loved ones upon arrival. They will be super impressed and everyone will be on a sugar-high! Yaaaaaaaay!

Enjoy my friends, give big hugs to your loves and if all else fails just think what would Snoop do…?


Well….he’d have a smokin’ Christmas! So should you!

If any of you fellow bloggers out there fancy joining me in the chance to win an Antler suitcase from our friends at Thomas Cook check out this link: I hope I win! I need a new suitcase for all my trekking hehe! Wish me luck eh?! Good luck to you too – I mean who doesn’t need a suitcase! Handy handy!

Love and mistletoe kisses Em xoxo


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