Hi January!

Well 2012 (or as I like to call it – Two Thousand and Delve) is here! The year of the infamous world-trip! AAAARRRGGHHH! So far it’s been a bit crazy, lots of sorting out, lots of research but also lots of fun.

Injections are all done, my India visa is done, insurance has been purchased and my head is now permanently in the guidebooks. 🙂


My guidebook is going to get me to Indi-Yah, Malas-yah....

I cannot believe my last month in London is here  :/ It’s all very surreal right now and I’m not sure that it will all properly sink in, until I’ve completely packed up my room. But I’ve definitely been trying to make the most of time that’s left.

Me and a few of the girls began talking about a London Bucket List – a list of definite things to do here before leaving. I achieved so many of mine last year (going to the Blitz Party, to a rad themed party at Bethnal Green Working Mens Club, having weekends in the museums, celebrating the Royal Wedding in style, tackling World Zombie Day, hitting some amazing burlesque shows and 50s themed events) but as time has been flying by, we settled on these for this month:

Going to:

  • The Huntarian Museum – The museum ran by the Royal College of Surgeons, which basically involves everything you can imagine that can be pickled in a jar, has been pickled in a jar for you to see. 😉 It’s not for the faint-hearted, of even if you have an iron-stomach be prepared to be very surprised and very fascinated. It sure is interesting. I loved it.pickledstuffinjars

We also found, in the museum, the coolest jacket in the world. Awesome huh?


c/o The Huntarian Museum

  • Highgate Cemetary – Continuing with a bit of a morbid theme, we are going to head to this little spooky haven, on my last weekend in the city. I think it looks kinda magical don’t you? (I soooo secretly want to do a gothic fashion photo shoot here, who knows maybe I will?). **And his is the only activity that costs any money m’luvs, it’s £10 to see both cemetaries. But it’s too cool not to, eh?

Photo c/o: londonhotelsinsight.com


photo c/o spoonfed.co.uk

  • A stroll down Regent’s Canal to Camden – This was always a favourite walk of mine to do in the summer, it’s so nice, I had to just do it one more time before the off. Stroll all the way to Camden and even on to Little Venice (which I’m still yet to do), peek at the canal barges, check out the locks, check out the cool graffiti along the way and then reach the shopping/window-licking mecca that is Camden Market.


    photo c/o the-bulb.com

  • Checking out The Barbican. I have worked opposite this amazing venue for over a year and still hadn’t properly had a look around until now. So upon having a stroll in there, we found an unusual exhibition about architecture, gawped at the botanical gardens and had a wander around the shop. I always think gallery shops always have the coolest stuff in them – especially for gifts, so I really recommend checking this one out. 🙂 Very cool stuff inside.

What have you guys been doing? Sticking to your resolutions? Making your 2012 dreams come true? You better be! 😉

I cannot believe I’m leaving so soon!!!! Eeeeek! So many travel tips to follow soon (the lessons I’ve learnt planning this, believe me, there are many!).

Love & pickle-jars (hehe) Em xoxo


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I'm Emma, I'm 29 and I am a Gohemian. I am fueled by my passion to travel all over the world and to help others reach their dreamy, sparkly goals (no matter how scary they are). GohemianTravellers celebrates ambition, personal development and happiness and offers bucket loads of advice to travellers and quarter-life crisis survivors (just like me)! Life is all about the GoGo! So let's GO!
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2 Responses to Hi January!

  1. Ruth says:

    Excellent post. You must continue to offer excellent resources and content like you have been offering. I will most likely stop by again in the future.

  2. Tracey says:

    darling the cemetary looks amazing!! I will have to check it out when Im back in London for 5 days in april!! xx

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