The Key to Remarkable Risk-Taking

This is getting serious now loves. IT’S REALLY HAPPENING!

I leave my job January 27th.

I leave my flat and move back home January 29th.

I leave England March 8th.

The Itinerary is now 7 months: IndiaThailandMalaysiaNZUSA (Route 66) (With I’m sure, some changes, in between).

When you’ve been talking about something for so long and the time finally approaches, it’s like it’s not real. But I guess that’s why it’s called a ‘dream’. It’s a delicious goal that goes round and round your head, that you can’t help but think will be the answer to everything you crave, to all of your problems. Well it won’t solve your problems for sure, but it will make everything clearer, more adjusted in your mind and will certainly make you feel content (because you did it!).

You have worked hard to achieve it, you will work hard to see all you want to when you’re there, but as a result you will reap the benefits. Working towards something like that, leads to exciting things and especially new connections. A lady at work (who I’ve hardly ever spoken to), told me she did a trip just like this too and sent me a lovely message, when she found out, to tell me ‘the trip will enrich you in ways you cannot imagine.’ It’s true, I cannot imagine it yet, but I know it will be great (I have the confidence in that). Just as I have the confidence in knowing I would never really be alone travelling, even if I did do it solo, because travel (amazingly) unites people. It even united me and that lady at work for a brief moment, which I thought was pretty wonderful. In fact, there’s even been people who I’ve not been so keen on at work, approach me with a sudden interest because of my ‘bravery’.

I don’t think of it all in terms of bravery, I think of it more as a Remarkable Risk. Because it is risky but those risks are worth taking. I found this quote from Helen Keller not long ago, which I think just sums it all up, perfectly:



photo c/o

If you never did anything risky, you would always be hounded by the terrible ‘what ifs’ (ick!). Risks don’t have to be as shocking as leaving the country, risks are about taking life-changing steps. Like finally talking to the object of your affection, deciding to have a baby or moving to a new city….without these big risky steps, life would be DULL DULL DULL.

As you know I was planning on doing my trip solo at first, as there was no other option, and I was happy with that, I was proud of my decision to be strong and just go for it. My pride in finally doing this trip remains, I am delighted in fact. But I am now even more excited to do this trip, because I’m going with someone. It’s going to be even better knowing I can share the road, the troubles, the memories, the awe-inspiring moments with someone I love, which is probably the most remarkable-risk of them all. (Also is this not the cutest/coolest pic?! Yuh-huhhh.)travellove

Ok, so I won’t be sappy anymore I swear ;), but the point is, that taking a step on your own or with someone is a huge deal. It’s awesome, in fact. So make 2012 your year of remarkable risk-taking and it will be amazing, I swear.

Love and sundresses Em xoxo


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