Versace Cruise Collection 2012 for H&M


I’ve got to admit, if I wasn’t going backpacking and I was instead going to Monaco to channel my inner Betty Draper, I would be buying Versace (!!!). Gotta admit I’ve never been a big fan of the designer’s work but this Cruise collection is damn cute! And of course being launched by H&M, the line is way more affordable.

Got to admit this bikini REALLY does it for me, I love this cute print design and the addition of the belt really makes gives it an Ursula Andress feel. CUUUUUUTE.


I am very much looking forward to getting my butt in some thrift stores when I to New Zealand and especially LA so I can glam it up (FYI: my fave thrift store in LA is Squaresville – it is a little heaven for vintage glamour).

It’s nice to see that rather going guady, like Versace usually does, they have embodied some fabulous 50s fruitiness. It seems the perfect collection to wear in Las Vegas don’t you think! Just think tacky fruit machines (LOVEEE!) and it just kinda works, right?! I would definitely be rocking all these pieces on holiday if I could….but those pesky H&M queues/craziness kinda make me wonder if it’s worth it?

Perfect for the poolside


Will you be queueing up? Let me know if you are and what you think, via the usual channels:,, .

Love and glamour Em xoxo


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