What to Wear in the Air

It’s always one of those things that goes through your head before your departure…what do I wear? Do I go for that celebrity glamour flight-look and aim to do my inner ‘posh spice’ to Toyko, in towering heels, sunglasses and an oversized handbag? Or do I just go for comfort and warmth? In my head I love the idea of looking like an uber chic passenger (especially after watching lots of Pan-Am of late) , but I’ve gotta admit my practical side always wins. There’s a reason why you want to have comfort on your side on a 9 hour flight. In fact the only time I’ve ever regretted going casual was when I had to walk through first class only to find Brandon Boyd from Incubus sitting there, then I was cursing my baggy yoga pants and fumbling around for a lipstick. But hey-oh, I ended up being very comfortable in coach 🙂 So who cares really?

My 2nd guest post gohemian, Tonya Vrba, also agrees with me on this point, and has some great tips for making that big, ‘what to wear in the air’ decision. Take it away Tonya…

No Need For a Fashion Statement in When Traveling by Plane

Airports and airplanes are some of the craziest places. If you are traveling around the world, chances are you will have an encounter with an international airport. Despite a diversity of people, languages and cultures, you’re only objective is to find your way through security and make your way to your flight on time. Trying not to think about the many hours you will spend crammed in a seat, you board, throw your bag in the storage area above you and sit down. The plane will be in flight for a long time, make sure you dress appropriately.

  • Unless it’s completely necessary, don’t spend a lick of time worrying about how you look. Instead, dress for comfort.  Do you really care what the sleeping passengers think of your hair or shoes? Long flights are often tedious when crammed in a small area for a long time. If you can, wear sweat pants or the most soft and comfortable jeans you own. The last thing you want to do is bother those around you by fidgeting in your super skinny jeans.
  • Prepare for cold. You don’t have to dress like an Eskimo, but do make sure you are properly covered. Avoid dresses as much as possible. Pack a sweatshirt and a light blanket on your carry-on. It’s possible you won’t need them, but that’s better than needing them and not having them. Avoid long-sleeve shirts and other warm clothing that you cannot easily remove just in case the temperature meets your standards.
  • Leave the cute shoes in your luggage. Setting aside the fact that wandering around an airport and airplane with crazy high stiletto heels is just asking for an accident; always remember to have proper footwear. Preferably, you should have socks on and be wearing shoes that are comfortable with them. We lose most of our body heat through our head and our feet. If the temperature is not to your liking, you are certain to feel it in your feet.
  • Perhaps most important in airplane fashion is the undergarments. This is not the time to wear the cutest thing you have. Ideally your chest will be covered (for warmth) so you have no reason to wear your miracle bra that doubles your cup size. Choose instead the most comfortable thing you’d ever dare to wear in public. Chances are you will be doing some sleeping on the plane and the last thing you need is wires poking into you.

You are not dressing to impress on an airplane. Instead, dress for comfort and warmth. Enjoy the food and television re-runs in complete comfort.

Author Bio: Tonya Vrba is a passionate freelance writer, blogging on a wide range of topics. Although she resides in the United States, she has travelled throughout Europe and has plans to see even more of the world. Currently, she writes for OnlineDatingSites.net. You can learn more about Tonya at her personal website: tonyavrba.wordpress.com.

Love & comfort Em xoxo


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