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On another note on what to wear (see my previous post: I started looking more closely at what I’m definitely going to take away with me. I may be backpacking but I want to feel like me, feel a bit glam but very comfortable. So here are the outfits you’re gunna be sick of seeing soon 🙂 I admit there will probably be changes but so far this is what I’m thinking of taking with me….(reminder: I’m going to India, Thailand, Malaysia, NZ and USA).

Purple Stretch Halterneck Playsuit

You may have seen this one before...

I have wrote about the subject of travel fashion before:, and I’m sure as you’ve learnt I love my girly vintage numbers, so I’ve definitely included a few. This playsuit was a bargain from a small shop that sold cheap dresses. It’s made from a heavy stretchy cotton, the trousers are SUPER baggy and the crotch is so low, I feel like I’m MC Hammer. But the top is cute and feminine. So as it’s super comfortable and cute I think it’s the perfect, comfortable day to night outfit. WINNER!


This is another heavy cotton favourite (I’ve had my reservations about this one due to it’s weight but it’s so versatile). I like that it’s super comfortable, baggy all over, with a loose baggy front at the top but with an open flash back which gives it a really nice evening dress feel. It would again work really well as a day to night dress. It would be perfect for covering up in India also (as we’ve been so strongly advised about – as men there otherwise, get a little touchy-feely…oh dear :/ ). Not sure yet but we’ll see.


This is my other maxi dress option, it’s very light cotton and nice and loose, I just need to adjust the straps as otherwise the dress comes down quite low. I also have a Pucci-style sarong which I will wear with most of these outfits to cover myself, on the beach, in temples and out and about.


My beautiful vintage world map dress from my boy. Best birthday gift ever. I’ve been after something like this for ages. It’s gorgeous. Me and mom just have to adjust it slightly before the off, but apart from that, its perfect. It’s knee-length, a non-crease fabric and will dry quickly..and of course it’s super cute and so a nice feel-good item to take along. 🙂


This little beauty was from Tesco and is the perfect pick-me-up dress. It makes me feel 50s chic, it’s very light and will dry super quickly thanks to the chiffon-y fabric. LOVE it!

Casual Look World Traveller

More often than not, this is what I’m going to be wearing. Casual vests, awesome Nosquito (insect repellant treated fabric) combat trousers/shorts or my jeans. Comfortable, practical and super casual. And isn’t my painting awesome? My amazing friend Jessica Amy Biddle made it for me 🙂 (she makes incredible stuff – check it all out).


Moving on to swimwear and the like, this is my glamorous kaftan top to wear over my bikinis. I’ll wear it should I need to cover up a bit and I’d definitely wear it as a top in the evenings – there’s just something about having a bit of sparkle that makes you feel good for a night out, isn’t there?! I love a bit of sparkle. I bought it from New Look a few years ago and I think it’s a real winner, plus it weighs nothing, doesn’t crease and rolls up into a tiny ball.

cherryvintagebikiniWell soon enough Bikini pics are going to be on here so may as well preview my faves (as cheeky as it seems, especially in these freezing temperatures). I love this bikini, I bought it from Topshop’s Beach Couture range in the sale and I think it’s vintage perfection.

anchor50sbikinitescoThis is my most recent buy from Tesco, I love anything nautical so as soon I spotted this I knew I had to have it 🙂 Tesco really does have a great range of 50s themed clothing – you just have to hunt for it.


Kinda boring but important…these are my pyjamas. I bought baggy black harem pants from Primark that are loose and comfortable and a Tog 24 Artic Crew Neck top – even though it says it’s artic, it’s breathable, quick drying and will stop the mozzies getting me at night. Even though it will be hot in the evenings, it’s good to cover up more and prevent the beasties from getting at you at all. The key is breathability with these items and they will also double up as perfect daytime wear should I choose to wear less at night 😉 (oh-errr!).

It’s right that what you take has got to be practical, but you can still pick some cute things too. The most important thing is being comfortable. Whenever it’s hot I always wear dresses, I like to just chuck one cool thing on and be ready to go and when I’m cold I like to wear dresses over trousers to double up the layers.  That’s my preference and that’s why I’ve chosen dresses over other items.  Also I’m planning on doing a lot of walking but not too many treks or hikes so I think my wardrobe reflects that. I also have prioritised items which can roll up really small and take up minimal space. See, I am a practical fashionista hehe!

If you have any top tips for packing or would like to say anything else please get in touch via the usual channels, I’d love to hear from you:




Love and backpacks Em xoxo


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