Win a Panasonic Camera and Get In The Olympic Spirit

Olympic_rings-london bridge

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Well, the time has come my friends, the Olympics are upon us. And while you may have been getting bored of it’s hyped-up build-up, you can’t help but be excited really?! Us Brits like to moan about the weather and everything else for that matter (don’t we?), but the Queen’s Jubilee this year proved that, really, we love celebrating all that is British. So let’s just get on that Olympic British bandwagon and just enjoy it! It’s in our neck of the woods after all, so why not eh?

In that case I think we should all have a bit of fun with it really, so why not dress up? (you know me – any excuse for that), it will be fun! Fancy being a Greek Goddess? A muscle-flexing athlete? Or how about going down the classic flag-on-your-face route? Well, thanks to Panasonic’s Flag Tag app on Facebook you can do just that (without getting having to rush out for the facepaints). Hurrah!

my_panasonic_flagtag feather headdress Brit flag

Well I couldn’t resist getting overdressed for taking my Flag Tag haha! Feathers and all haha! And do you know what? It’s going to pay off because these pics will get shown on a huge screen outside of the Olympic Park in Stratford for all the world to see! Maybe I should have put more lippy on eh? Yep, so even though we didn’t get our hands on tickets to see the events, that doesn’t mean we can’t still get involved. So if you’ve ever wanted to see your face on a big screen and show that banner that says ‘hi mum’, then this is your big opportunity to do so!


Your face could be there!

All you have to do is go on the Flag Tag Facebook page and click Like and follow the links to create your own picture. It’s super simple, you can upload a pic you already have or take a new one, then you can fit the flag to your face and then post it for all your friends to see. It is pretty jokes so give it a go!

Then, it gets even cooler, if you send me a link to your pictures by commenting on this post (below) you can win a Limited Edition Panasonic LUMIX London 2012 Digital Camera!!!! Snazzy eh?

Limited Edition Panasonic LUMIX London 2012 Digital Camera Competition

This is our FIRST ever competition on GohemianTravellers and we are very excited about it! Especially as we are such BIG fans of photography and taking zillions of pictures. So yeah, please please please drop me a comment below and send me your links to your pics. I love, love, love creativity – so have a lot of fun with your pictures, use props, fancy dress items, glitter, your pets…anything, just Go for it like a Gohemian! I am the judge so you travelbugs gotta impress me ok?!

The closing date for the competition is September 9th 2012. I will announce the winner on here – how exciting 🙂

So, may the fun of the games commence!

Enjoy everyone and go for gold!

Love and shiny medals Em xoxo


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