Back for Good and Panasonic Lumix Camera Competition Winner!


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Guys! I know I said I wouldn’t leave you for a long time again, but I did. And I’m sorry. Since coming back from the trip of my lifetime, I have been at home catching up with family, visiting friends and their babies, I then moved back to London, continued to live out of a backpack and stayed with 3 different friends, went back to work, got a bit homesick, went to Amsterdam for a girly weekend then Canterbury for a romantic break (reviews to follow soon). I then came back and started flathunting in the city…to say it has been nuts, is an understatement. I’m knackered.

But today I can tell you things have just got a whole lot calmer. Me and Dan (my Gohemian boy-in-crime) are moving into a beautiful house in Holloway, which is pretty much my house-come-true. It’s amazing…I mean just look at it:


We are so so happy. I’ve learnt that I think I need a bit of stability to feel comfortable and most importantly, productive. So here we are back on track and feeling really good. I’m so excited to get writing for you guys again.

And on that note I have even better news: THE WINNER OF THE 2012 OLYMPIC PANASONIC LUMIX CAMERA!!!!!!! Yaaaaaay! Again I really apologise for running late with annoucing the winner of this, it’s been crazy…..and so without further ado:

The winner is……Esther James of @esthermate on Twitter 🙂

Her Panasonic Flag Tag on Facebook was so much fun, it really made me laugh. I’m a sucker for Henry the Hoover hahaha 🙂


I loved Esther’s imagination and idea to use Henry – it’s great. And so thanks to her awesome idea she has won this fantastic camera. 😀

Panasonic Lumix 2012 Games Camera

I am very proud to have featured this competition for Panasonic and hopefully we will have many more. I will be writing furiously from now on, aiming to get you caught up and rewarded with lots of travel facts.

I am your humble travel Gohemian assistant and it is my mission to keep you feeling inspired and in-the-know.

Please contact me via the usual channels:



Email –

Love and endless travel-inspiration Em xoxox


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