How To Deal With The Post-Backpacking Blues

Hipstamatic Views in New Zealand Gohemian

Well my loves, we haven’t done an inspiration post in a while now have we? Well as the dark nights and mornings set in, this is prime time to get feeling suped-up about life, love, travel and most definitely the future, especially if you have recently returned to reality (urgh!) from the trip of your dreams. Like I have.

I’ve got to admit when I came back, I was kind of just floating around for a while. I was so excited to see my friends and family, I’d managed to get straight back in to my old job (which was a blessing in this climate) and because I hadn’t worked in 5 months it all felt like quite the novelty. But that novelty soon wears thin. Work becomes just the same-old, scheduling to see your friends and family becomes mission-impossible to sort around our busy diaries, then finding a place to live becomes even more of a nightmare. You soon start thinking, maybe I should just head back to the beach.

Bikini chilling Thailand Anchors Nautical

More intense poolside chilling required please…

Well there will be days where it all feels a bit sucky. This week has felt a bit like that for me, I’ve finally settled into a lovely new home, but work is once again feeling quite un-fulfilling (because that’s the nature of office work – I mean how many of us REALLY want to be sitting at a desk looking at documents for 8 hours a day?!), the weather has been very autumnal – wet and windy with days getting darker by the minute and people have just been downright pissing me off. We all have these weeks right? Right, well it can be really easy to just let it all get on top of you. And sometimes you’ve got to just roll with the bad times. None of us like feeling crappy though, so learning how to tweak our thinking into something more positive, is always a good thing. So here we go, fellow travellers try these simple cheer-up steps:


I can happily say, I lived my dream and did a trip around the world in 2012. Plans changed, the trip became shorter (5 months as opposed to 18), there were sad times, there were happy times, there was so much beauty, there was amazing people…it was awesome. So as predicted the Gohemian trip was a great success and massively, humongously, tremendously inspiring! It taught me so much about life (and what I want out of it), what is important and what you should value. And that is the greatest part of travelling.

Jumping for joy midair in new zealand

Travel freedom…you can’t beat that feeling

When you return, you feel like your seeing familiar things with new eyes, and I’ve got to admit, it’s kind of startling but pretty exciting. The people who you return to, don’t really change in all honesty, they continue living their day to day routines while you trek up mountains, swim in seas and go bungee jumping. And they won’t really want you rub all that in their faces, so of course you simply tell them the best bits, but you shouldn’t forget the little things. That was an amazing journey you embarked upon. You have to celebrate every part of it. Only you and the people you went with will truly understand it, so do everything you can to enjoy the memories.


Take Colin’s advice from his previous post here and make your photos into something truly awesome and memorable – you have 1,000’s of them after all.

Make collages of your photos, frame all the postcards you collected, day-dream as much as you can about your beach-bum days. It’s a special and unique experience after all and when you get back to normality you should enjoy the fruits of your labour. Why not eh? I’m yet to get around to this but I’m very excited to do it, now I’m settled in my gorgeous new GT HQ. The walls are going to be plastered in them all 🙂

seagull water hipstamatic serene


Go out with the friends who REALLY want to hear about what really made you happy, what made you scream, what made you cry. You will know who they are because you will see that sparkly interest in their eyes.

Go on travel forums and talk to other travellers about your experiences.

Get in touch with the rad friends you made whilst you were away and catch-up, how have they found coming back? What have they been doing? Have they had the same experiences as you?

Awesome friends made in NZ Rocky Horror Wellington

Sarah and Livi awesome friends I made in NZ ❤


When I came back I looked back at my photos with a sad distain – I almost didn’t want to ever look at them again to be honest. They saddened me, they made me think of bad times and bad feelings and regrets – but there is no point focusing on things like that. You will feel weird for a while, you will wish you did more and saw more, but don’t sweat it, you will…you have the whole rest of your lives (don’t let ideas of what other people see as a typical life plan – marriage, mortgage, babies – bother you, it’s your life, you can live it whatever way you want, in whatever order you like). So just go with the flow.  Move on from the negativity and look at the lessons that you learned along the way, the wonderful sights you saw, the people you met, look back at those photos and smile you biggest, goofiest grin – you DID it! You escaped the 9 to 5 while everyone else stuck at it, you saw wonders of the world, ate delicious dishes, drank foreign beer til dawn, lived a 5-month-long career as a beach bum and it was amazing!

Goofy grin sunshine red hair

I pretended I was in a Timotei advert…Travelling makes you feel GREAT!


Listen to your travel playlist and write a list of your favourite memories from your trip.


Be excited for your future plans – don’t let the 9 to 5 get you down, focus other awesome things out there. I’ve signed up to do some classes at an awesome college, which I’m really excited about. I’ve pushed myself for some extra (more exciting) project-type stuff at work to improve my CV, daydream about your next big trip and do some fun ideas-planning towards it, set yourself some new life goals and look up how you can achieve them.

Typing girl Victorian Typewriter

Image c/o


Change your appearance – just because you can. You’ve changed internally, so make an external change. When your travelling you can’t do too much hair-dyeing, beauty-type stuff – so go for it. I love changing my look, so have a feel-good change and let everyone see the difference. Your spiritually more connected, your focused, your adventurous, you like having shiny hair….so show it off.

New hair fringe bangs new girl

When you watch a lot of New Girl…this is what happens! Bang bang BANGS!

Go for it, you know that’s what we’re all about here. It’s all about the GOing not the staying put – that’s what us Gohemians pride ourselves on. Tell me your experiences of returning to reality after your travels? How did you find it? Any tips?





Love and happy-thoughts Em xoxo


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