Candid Travel Photos (The Fun-Side of Backpacking)

Another way to get that travel-feel good factor back after returning to reality is to take a look back at those dumb pictures you took along thwe way, and have a good giggle at them all. Like I said in my previous post I took 1,000s of photos – I haven’t shown off half of them because there is so many, so now it’s time to share, and have a really good laugh at your favourite Gohemian in action:

Oh dear haha.

Fresh Faced travellers in Delhi

Fresh Faced travellers in Delhi riding in a scary Auto-Rickshaw…haha eeeeeek

I think you can see the fear in my eyes in that pic, when you ride rickshaw’s in Asia…that tends to happen. Expect white-knuckles and dilated pupils haha!

Sitting on the Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal on your belly

It was an awesome experience seeing the Taj up-close, I think you can pretty much see the joy in our eyes. It’s one of those things that is just so awe-inspiring but it doesn’t really hit you, that you’ve seen it, until wayyyy later. It’s really is awesome though. But yeah, everyone will have nice, smiley pictures in front of it, so why not get a little imaginative and have some fun in front of your favourite landmarks. Jump, do cartwheels, just have a bit of fun. Sight-seeing doesn’t have to be all serious ya know?! You will remember I did just that last year in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Filthy sore feet in India

Filthy sore feet in India

A common trait of travelling, disgusting sore, blistered feet. Ewwwwwww! Remember our fellow Travel Hero Rosie she told us how you always have dirty hobo feet while travelling…well ya may as well embrace them?!

Dan the Bollywood Movie Star

Dan the Bollywood Movie Star

Dan was stopped a lot as we travelled with people confusing him with Bollywood movie stars, so here someone got very excited about his supposed-fame and so asked him to pose with one of their shoes. Haha! Ooooo suits you sir!

Cows and Dogs on Anjuna Beach, Goa

The real beach-bums of Goa

The one thing you can never really get over in India, is the dominant presence of cows and dogs wherever you go – even on the beaches! The dogs rule the roost and are literally having the time of their lives…running and playing in the sand, chasing the tide, picking up bones, rolling around in the sand. I think they may be the smartest dogs ever, they get to chill out on the beach all day, every day. I’m only jealous.

poledancing in thailand jokes

When in Thailand you need to do as the locals do…and party hard. It’s where all the party-people flock to after all, so why not join them and have a grand old drunken time…and maybe find a pole to dance on.

Another awesome about travelling is all the wonderful things you get to consume on a daily basis, like….

drinking fresh coconuts thailand

FRESH COCONUTS! Mmmmm…but it’s not only eating them that’s fun, it’s finding them as they’ve fallen, playing with them and cutting them that’s the best bit.

coconuts in our faces

Then when you’re in the sea you can always spot fun things to play with and check out, on this particular occasion – we found lots of seaweed and of course the most logical thing to do with it, is to use it to make comedy moustaches!

seaweed moustaches in thailand

Haha I cannot believe I still put make up on that day, coz it’s all over my eyes! Doh! Big tip for gals – just don’t bother on boat trips. I had a bit of a blonde moment and just put that eyeliner on as normal…oopsy! But moustaches? FUN!!!!

More silly pics to follow, there is always loads of candid pictures to be taken whilst travelling. Even when it’s hard and you’re struggling to find things to be positive about whilst you are on the road – try and take some silly pictures. Because you know you will have TTT (the Tough Travel Times), but regardless of that you must find and make your own fun times. And really, it’s these daft pics that you will treasure more than the beautiful scenery ones.

Thailand playing in the clear sea

Me and my new friend Georgina having a ball in the lovely Thai sea 🙂

So get clicking and having a laugh!

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Love and Polaroids Em xoxo

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  1. Mazie says:

    I truly appreciate this post. I have been looking everywhere for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You’ve made my day! Thx again

  2. Enjoyed looking through this, very good stuff, thanks .

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