Candid Travel Photos (The Fun Side of Backpacking) – Part Two

It’s fun to get looking through these fun pictures again and I’m glad you’ve enjoyed Part One. It’s pretty jokes. I must admit I’m really fond of this selection of pics below. When we got to New Zealand, I had a bit of time on my own and got up to all kinds of mischief. It’s important to do that every now and again I think, especially as I’m the Chief Mischief-maker in these parts…or so I like to think hehe 😉

But I warn you: there is lots of pure-unadulterated pouting ahead! Ooops. Or maybe I’m more like the Chief Pout-Master instead :/ haha!

So first up…

posing in a pink poncho

Emma posing in a pink poncho in the wilderness. Haha. I’d just been riding on an elephant in Krabi so I thought I’d stop for a quick pose hehe. Soggy, exhilarated and posing-my-butt off. Haha!

But here comes the real fun! When in Thailand you have to go see some LADYBOYS!We went to the Blue Dragon Cabaret Bar in Krabi and it was awesome!

We waited outside the show, to meet the dancers, and they were awesome. They definitely took a liking to our Dan! Hehe. I later, got a little drunk and got on the stage and had a dance with the guy-dancer I’m pictured with above. I *WISH* so badly I had pictures of that – it was pretty funny!

Thai Cabaret dancers Krabi

pints in foreign lands

We went to an Irish bar in Krabi to watch the football. I watched one screen with the Newcastle United game on and Dan watched another screen with the Tottenham game on. It was really fun and it was the first time I’d drank a pint in ages. MMMMMMMM. You cannot beat the taste of home while you’re away. The pub was called The Irish Rover and I really recommend it. The British food looked great, it had all traditional English pub decor, including wooden dark beams, and all Staffordshire brass on the walls. Loved it. 🙂

dinosaurs in thailand

Go on the lookout for Dinosaurs! I spotted a fair few a long the way on our travels. Everyone loves a dino. The first pic was taken of me with Rexy at the Bangkok Planetarium and Science Museum and the second pic was taken in Hamilton, New Zealand in front of the awesome Waikato Museum where they had a ‘How To Make A Monster’ exhibition on. The third one was randomly on a roadside in Kanchanaburi.

This is me and the very awesome statue of Riff Raff from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. He is located in Hamilton, New Zealand. This was basically the whole reason why I made a stop in Hamilton haha! I’m a huge Rocky Horror fan as you will see.

So here’s some more silly, posing, pouting pics I took in Waikato Museum. There was an old-fashioned dress up section (intended for kids of course), which I couldn’t resist. Haha! Hello sir!

I love this shot so much, I took it after going walking to Huka Falls in Taupo, NZ. It was the most beautiful walk and as I was listening to the most inspiring song ever, and I just suddenly had the urge to jump in the air for joy! Travel is the most inspiring thing you can ever do after all! But yeah, this was my first attempt at capturing the jump which I thought was pretty funny. Luckily it only took a 2nd take to get the perfect shot (which you can see here). 

As you may be able to tell, as soon as I got to NZ, I reached for the hair dye. I was dying to get back to a nice, vibrant red, so wanted a capture how bright it was in the sunlight….this picture is the result and I’ve gotta admit I quite like it.

Here me and my awesome travel-buddy Sarah are drawing a fake tattoo on my arm at the screening of Rocky Horror in Wellington. It was such an awesome night. I bloody love Rocky! 

Then this is the aftermath of Rocky….a tissue monster! Haha! When you watch the show, people have all kinds of props and in one part of it, you have to throw reems of toilet rolls into the audience. I thought it was a great idea to grab it all and wear it on the way out hehe!

I snapped Dan, on one of our many bus journeys up and down and across New Zealand and it looks like he’s having a great time hehe. Bless him.

This is very exciting, I get to finally reveal to you all how I dyed my hair blue in NZ. I loved my blue hair so much. Thanks to Dan and Sarah, who were my beauty-school dropouts and helped me dye it in the Wellington YHA. So yeah I had to take some blue-moustache pictures!

Me and Dan like to call this our Kiwi Sp-haka! We wanted to do our own Haka, after feeling inspired by the Maouri displays we had seen, so naturally ours had to be a little bit dumb! 

Rahhhhh! Hahaha.

You enjoy my silly pics? Then please, please, please leave a comment about it. And check out GT’s Facebook and Twitter pages and drop us a line! I love hearing from you, send me some of your fun travel pics!

Love and pouts Em xoxo


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