It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year…Halloween

Zombie bride world zombie day London

Yes! It’s that time again kids! This is the realm that I belong in, the month dictated by fancy-dress opportunities and an excuse to watch zillions of horror films! Oh yes! How I love thee Halloween.

If you will remember rightly last year I took on the mammoth task of attending not one but THREE halloween parties, over 2 days with 3 different costumes – in a little challenge I liked to call the Halloween Hat Trick. Remember? Oh yea!

Well guess who’s doing the same thing this year…me!! But this time I’m being a tad more sensible and going to 3 parties over 3 days…haha!

This year we will be gracing once again the unmissable Last Tuesday Society’s Halloween Ball – Satan’s Rout, in Elephant and Castle!

satans-rout last tuesday society halloween

image c/o

Followed by White Mischief’s Phantasmagoria in Kings Cross.

White Mischief Phantasmagoria halloween

image c/o:

Followed by another spooky shift at Alice Cooper’s Halloween show at WEMBLEYYYYYYYYY!

Alice Cooper Halloween Night Of Fear

A few week’s ago I attended the very awesome World Zombie Day in London. We took a different route this year, starting at the Tate Modern on the Southbank, making our way over the bridge to Embankment then to Theatreland and ending in Soho. My night was messy to say the least. Here are a few of my favourite pictures, I’m sure more will surface (from the grave) soon! Haha!

Zombie Bride and Zombie Brains from Thunderbirds World Zombie Day London

Zombie love, in all its bloody glory!

Zombie girls sticking tongues out world zombie day London

Me and my zombie in crime

Zombie girls world zombie day London

Me and my zombie-twins-in-crime

It’s a nice day for a white (bloody) wedding.

Zombie bride at world zombie day London Emma Rose Black

Image c/o Thanira Rates

And for my favourite picture of them all…I’m a nutter and I know it!

World Zombie Day Zombies Eating McDonalds

All hail the HALLOWEEN fun times! What are you doing? A full spooky-gohemian report will follow (once I’ve recovered hehe). Have a horrific weekend! I will be updating Twitter with lots of pics so keep your eyeballs out (hehehe).

Love and sugar skulls Em xoxox


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