London is the place for Halloween: The Halloween Hat-Trick 2

Hey spooky kids, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Well as the Crypt-Keeper says in the video ‘We’ll have skele-tonnes of fun’ in this post talking about my favourite topic FANCY DRESSIN oh yea! (By the way that is my favourite halloween song ever – isn’t it so 90s and hilarious?!). 😉 What a way to start a post…with the Crypt Keeper doin a 90s jam off hehe.

So what you guys get up to for halloween weekend? Well as you will remember from last year, I take Halloween pretty seriously. So if you’re looking for a seriously spooky time, you’ve come to the right place. So here are your top requirements for a fabulously, fun halloween (follow this, and you’re bound to have the best time ever):

  • Find an opportunity to try out many different kinds of costumes as you can. Gory and non-gory. So, why go to one party? Go to many…like I do.
  • Get as many of your friends together to enjoy it with you (especially fellow fancy dress lovers).
  • Find a cool venue, with awesome music, good drinks and a great theme.

Well as I explained in my last post, my weekend was to contain all of the above thanks to 3 really great parties that had been planned in my favourite city. London really is THE place to be for Halloween. I don’t think there’s any other city in the UK that takes this wonderous day so seriously. I think the only other place that does is in the US, in NYC. I went there for 2 halloweens running – I always loved going to the states for ‘ween because they really do take it to heart. It’s effectively a public holiday, everyone gets involved and everyone enjoys it. Some people may think it’s just another day, but those people haven’t lived, haven’t enjoyed halloween like we have. You have to go all out with these things to really have the most fun, so do it, go all out and have a ball! But anyways I’m glad that the UK is catching on to it all now, it may still be more marketed at kids here, but there is more of a focus now on adults enjoying it than there used to be. It’s slowly getting there…

So let’s celebrate and get straight in there with the mad and funky pictures from my weekend.

Group shot halloween last tuesday society satan's rout

My favourite spooksters…

First up was The Last Tuesday Society’s Satan’s Rout Ball in Elephant and Castle. These guys take ALL of their parties seriously so you have to make it a priority to attend one of them if you’re in London. They have events going on all year round, they pick awesome venues with many rooms so there’s always a lot of variety and they always have tonnes of great entertainment. It’s a given…you gotta go!

Spooky gohemian group in asylum room last tuesday society satan's rout

Their Satan’s Rout ball this year included:

Performances by the Tiger Lillies, The London Gay Symphony Orchestra and lots of awesome DJs. There was a medical ward set up to look like the asylum from One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, a room to play with real snakes and lizards, an onion cellar full of onions, hanging pheasants, sawdust-covered floors and with a jazz band performing in there…it was just the bee’s knees as you can imagine.

Dead hanging pheasants in onion cellar last tuesday society zombie playmate

Becca likes hanging out with the dead….muhahaha

Then there was lots of little corners where the lighting was just perfect for taking those perfect costume shots. I mean how good are these? Also how amazing were my friend’s costumes?!

halloween twins faery nymph and playboy bunny zombie halloween

My two favourite fancy-dress lovin’ twins Becca and Donna

This year we decided to go down the Mexican Day of the Dead route and get all voodoo caberet! Fun huh?

voodoo couple day of the dead halloween spooky lighting

Mr and Mrs Voodoo

And when the lights go out….all the hidden words could be seen on the walls. I loved this asylum room, it was so cool. I’m a proud little zombie of these pictures 🙂

Voodoo couple halloween day of the dead spooky lighting

You gotta love some black light to add to the mood

Next up was White Mischief’s Phantasmagoria at Kings Cross Scala club. I’d never heard of this event before but it really was very well done and awesomely organised. You could even get involved with the decorating of the venue if you so desired. If you did you got a free ticket for you and your mate – cool eh?

These guys, like Last Tuesday, really go to town and offer lots of variety in room themes, music, decor and entertainment. There were fantastic burlesque dancers, jugglers, a gypsy punk band, an amazing brass band that blared out all the classics from Queen to Scissor Sisters….it was pretty damn awesome!

White Mischief Phantasmagoria Halloween Ball Decor

Awesome decor and free glo-sticks 🙂

candy floss on glo-sticks White Mischief Phantasmagoria Halloween Ball

candy floss on glo-sticks…uhh amazing

There was even free candy floss on glo-sticks given out when you arrived. I mean how awesome is that?

The voodoo gang at White Mischief Phantasmagoria Halloween Ball mexican day of the dead make up

The voodoo gang

As you can see we had a lot of fun, dancing and generally fooling around, which is what halloween is all about after all 🙂

Then there were lots of fun props to play with…oh yes!

posing in a coffin at White Mischief Phantasmagoria Halloween Ball

I love my halloween party friends and taking dumb pictures of them! Hehe 🙂

fun costumes at White Mischief Phantasmagoria Halloween Ball

Me and my awesome friends

By Sunday, as you can imagine, we were pretty tired. I could hardly keep my eyes open but by all means…Sunday was the greatest finale to this weekend. I should have slept in my white make-up all weekend really, would have saved me a lot of bother getting ready haha. But we wearily made our way to my friend Becca’s house to get ready for the Alice Cooper show! Woooo! But I’ll admit, it was a struggle to get out of bed, so we’d only left ourselves with half an hour to get ready there. Amazingly we handled the pressure very well and just got on with the task in hand. We were ready to roll, fully made up, within 25 mins! TRUE ZOMBIE PROFESSIONALS!

zombie make up at Alice Cooper's Night Of Fear Wembley London

So Sunday we were once again employees for Mr Alice Cooper. We signed up again to perform at his Halloween Night Of Fear show – I mean we were so lucky to be able to do it a first time around never mind a second time. It all occurred because last year my wonderful friend Becca, was contacted to personally get involved after proving herself as an awesome zombie organiser at World Zombie Day London. She got me signed up and the rest is history…We were zombie actors at his show in Alexandra Palace and this year we were employed at Wembley….WOOOOO! I mean who could resist us really?

Zombie nurses at alice cooper's night of fear london 2012

There was a lot of fun backstage, all us getting ready, laughing and joking and ruining the toilets and floors with all our oozing fake blood hehe.

Zombie eating hearts at alice cooper's night of fear london 2012

Lots of carnage backstage.

Dangling brains at zombies backstage at Alice Cooper's Halloween Night Of Fear Wembley 2012

Dangle brains at those zombies, they’ll do whatever you want…

bloody sink backstage at Alice Cooper's Halloween Night Of Fear Wembley 201

And as a result of our awesome costume and acting skills…this year we got to have a group picture taken with the man himself….A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

Alice Cooper with zombie hoard at Night of Fear Wembley 2012

Can you spot me? It’s like playing zombie Where’s Wally! I think I look pretty terrifying hehe. I was soooo close to him, it made me so happy. 🙂

Alice Cooper backstage at his Night of Fear Wembley 2012

I was this close to him……aaarrgghhhh

So yes I was very starstruck. The show was amazing…really, really amazing. I recommend going to see him whenever he’s in town but especially for Halloween. The venue is positively crawling with zombie actors, monsters on stilts, dancers, it’s decorated with cobwebs and spiders and a horror soundtrack plays in the background…if that isn’t going all out for halloween, I don’t know what is?! Hehe!

I could go on and on and on but I’d better stop there. I hope you’re enjoying your halloween evening kids….y’all better be causing some spooky trouble! Remember there is still loads going on this weekend, especially in London (it’s kinda good that Halloween is mid-week you get lots of options). Check out Time Out London and get having fun!

PS: While there’s time, go onto Google and check out the interactive Halloween home page – it’s amazing! Why is it not there all the time?! *sob*

Also look out for a future post all about how to do awesome halloween make up. Tell me what you think? And what else would you like to see on here my loves? Let me know on, Twitter or on Facebook.

Love and pumpkins and scary-faces Em xoxox


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