Happy Thanksgiving World (So Let’s Be Thankful)

Be-Thankful-scrabble tiles

As it’s thanksgiving over the pond, so how abouts we have a day ourselves, to think about what we are thankful for.

I’m a big fan of gratitude lists, I think they are a great way of making yourself feel more positive. We all have things we know we need to count our blessings for, it’s just we can sometimes forget them. So Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to get start feeling grateful again.

Lately I’ve been feeling very low, so this is just what the doctor ordered. It really is the perfect positivity task to do.

So here’s my list. You should write one too (it’s very theraputic).

I am grateful…. :

  • To have a loving boyfriend. I don’t appreciate how loving he is and how much he cares really but lately I have been more aware of it and I want to appreciate that. ❤
  • To have an amazing family. My mom and dad are my rocks, they offer me so much support and love it is overwhelming. My auntie and uncle are like my second parents and I adore them so much it hurts, I just wish i could see them more often.
  • To have so many wonderful friends. They are like my source of happiness – they keep me topped up with joy every day.
  • To have great colleagues, I may not enjoy my job but my colleagues really keep me going and laughing through the monotony.
  • To have a lovely roof over my head and a cosy bed. I do really love my new London home.
  • To have a healthy body.
  • To have the world at my fingertips. The internet offers so much opportunity and I love spending time researching the blogosphere and the amazing opporunities out there.
  • To have a healthy, happy relationship with food – boy do I love eating.
  • To have a wage coming in next week (roll on payday! c’mon), because without that, I’d really be stuck. To have money coming in is a great thing indeed, because it allows you the freedom you need to live and enjoy life. There’s never enough of it admittedly, but at least there’s something over nothing.
  • To have done a trip around the world this year (I mean what a huge privilege!).
  • To have reconnected with an old friend, after not seeing her for a few years…and just picking up where we left off (I love that! A sign of true friendship indeed).

Now for a selection of happy pictures which make me smile…

Fancy dress with friend uncle sam costume day of the dead

Catching up with old friends after not seeing them for years…and doing it all in fancy dress! Woo!

My best friend silly pics

Me and my bestie up to mischief on our holidays ❤

Fancy Dress On The Tube

Spooky Friends On The Tube

My awesome work colleague love

My awesome work colleague and I with a Penis shaped chopping board (don’t ask!)

My lovely family

My lovely family

Me with children at Indian School In Jaipur

Highlight of this year: Me with the children at Fairyland School In Jaipur

Now go on, write your list and send me a link to it on here! I’d love to see them…

Love and letters Em xoxo


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2 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving World (So Let’s Be Thankful)

  1. Wonderful post, Emma! Thanks 🙂

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