Winter Fashion: Staying Cosy in This Darn Weather

So it’s officially bloody freezing now! Oh my lord! But the awesome thing about that is getting dressed for the cold, lots of layers, wraps and wooly softness to snuggle into…yay!

So here are a few of my hot picks for what to wear in that oh-so-cold weather!

My first look is one of my favourites…sporty t-shirt smartened up with a tight pencil skirt, woolly scarf, leggings and fluffy slipper boots 🙂 Cosy, cosy cute.

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I call it the Olive Oyl look, it’s one of my favourites. I think you can achieve a lot of versatility with this mixture of layers. You could wear thick print tights, with biker boots, heeled ankle boots, knee highs, brogues. Put a thick cardigan with it, put a wooly hat on….seriously easy and perfect for work/meeting friends for drinks. I love it!

My T-Shirt was from Forever 21, Skirt from Dorothy Perkins (thanks to Compton Hospice charity shop), scarf by Full-Circle, Necklace by Vivienne Westwood, booties from Primark.

My next look is for all you Wednesday Addams fans out there! This dress is my favourite purchase of the season! This dress is why Primark is all kinds of awesome.

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I mean finding a Wednesday Addams dress with a cute skater skirt kick, I was a very happy girl indeed. And it only cost me £15. I’ve had endless compliments about this frock. I work mine with a little cameo brooch at the collar, thick tights and knee high leather boots. J’ADOREEE!

Next up is the classic Christmas jumper! Another Primark favourite, I haven’t been able to take this baby off since I bought it.

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I think wearing shirt or Peter Pan collared dress underneath looks awesome too, if you put the collar over the jumper. Very cute!

Next up is another bargainous dress I got, which is the perfect winter layer-upper. This navy number from River Island (Found in Shelter charity shop on Holloway Road – a very awesome charity to help homelessness), it cost me £12 and is a lovely stretchy, heavy dress that flows around your legs and clings to all the right places. Without a top underneath, you could really work this as a party frock to show off your assets and dress it up with some vintage brooches. By day you could rock it with a t-shirt underneath or even a polo neck jumper, thick leggings and woolly bootie slippers. What do you think?

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Dress by River Island (at Shelter), flying birds T-shirt by Realitee at Topshop, leggings from Primark, hat and purple wool bootie slippers by Tu at Sainsbury’s.

Next up is the classic ‘boyfriend’ sweater. It’s my biggest tip for this winter…go to the guys section of Primark. There are so many cute over-sized shirts, sweaters, t-shirts, cardigans. Is there anything warmer than wrapping an oversized guys top around you? Non!

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I love this sweater so much. I think anything that gives you travel-inspiration as you wear it, is a real winner. I’ve never been to Copenhagen…now I have a daily reminder in my wardrobe to get over there 🙂 I think this gem is going to look great with my red gingham pencil skirt, it looks great with these super festive stripy leggings, it will look awesome with regular jeans and my red and black leopard-print ones 🙂 A very exciting, warm, addition to my wardrobe I think.

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Then we all want to look that bit smarter on occasions, and a blouse may not be the warmest but team it with some thick sparkly leggings, boots, a camisole underneath and a vintage fur coat and you are all set for the party season my love! All from Primark and of course, all bargains!

What have you been wearing in the cold? Like my looks? Then tell me! Comment below and on Facebook and Twitter…I’d love to hear from you.

Blue eyes, woolly hat, Garfield Teddy Bear Toy

Love and cosy slippers Em (and Garfield) xoxox


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One Response to Winter Fashion: Staying Cosy in This Darn Weather

  1. Biffles says:

    Inspiring as ever.
    Love how you’ve showed that you don’t need to break the bank to look good (seriously, charity shops rule!) xxx

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