Words From A Sparkly Blogcademy Graduate

The Blogcademy Class of 2013 London

The Blogcademy Class of 2013 London – Weekend gals

I graduated from The Blogcademy with flying colours! How exciting is that?!

Well I have to say that it was officially the greatest weekend I’ve ever experienced! I have NEVER in all my days, felt so inspired or excited in my life. My head is jam packed with ideas, my notebook is full and my head is now covered in sparkly bows and bunny-ears (it’s a whole new me let me tell you!).

Sparkly things on my head hair accessories

Go to The Blogcademy and embrace your love for all things sparkly…

So that’s why I decided to go all out and join the other Blogcademy gals in making a video to sum up how the classes made me feel.

I mean did you see Emily’s Thank You Vid???? OMG!

Emily runs an awesome blog which previews her very cool pop-up photobooth (I think EVERY party should have one of these and I also definitely think EVERY party should have an Emily in a Unicorn onesie jumping around!). Don’t you? She is all kinds of awesome!

And Xandra’s too:

Isn’t she the cutest! Xandra’s blog focuses on how to look and feel fabulous without having loads of stuff (boy could I do with some tips from this girl!).

I could go on and on about how amazing my fellow Blogcadets are…Jessica’s post with her A to Z of the classes was so awesome! Amy’s post about how The Blogcademy makes your dreams come true, was so right! Honestly all of these girls are amazing….I will be featuring so much more from my new blogging pals so soon.

So as Emily and Xandra so excellently summed themselves up in their videos, I decided to show you guys the real Gohemian in me, to show my gratitude for my Blogcademy experiences.

That’s me in a nutshell….A fancy-dress loving, pin-up princess who loves nothing more than a good giggle, a handful of glitter on my face and something colourful sitting on my head.

I can’t believe I haven’t done more bits in front of the camera really. If you remember I tried a bit singing in my first video post hehe…that was funny. I also did a great 8mm film shot of my breath-taking moment in front of the Taj Mahal. But you can now expect much more film footage from me in the future. I did a fun bit of filming as I walked through a forest in New Zealand, which I’m very excited to put up and show you.

So as you can tell I learnt that VIDEOS ARE VALUABLE TO  YOUR BLOG. I have to agree with Gala, when she explained that a video really offers that little bit extra to your readers, you get to see a personal insight into that writer’s life. So I am very excited to show you that little bit more about me (and mainly how much of a weirdo I am haha!).

My fabulous friend Becca (who is my new blogging-partner in crime for our new Fancy Dress obsession blog GypsyPixiePirate.com) helped me film that clip – ain’t she a sweetheart?! We randomly did it in 15 minutes, at her house, on my lunchbreak. I think it was the most fun, rapid dress up challenge I think I have ever done! And remember I did the Halloween Hat Trick for the past 2 years running (2011 and 2012). Anyway we are so very excited to get our blog set up but in the mean time check out our Twitter and Pinterest pages.

But back to The Blogcademy, I also learnt how to brand my blog effectively, thanks to Shauna’s expert tips. And the greatest thing to take away from that was the importance of CONSISTENCY throughout social media platforms. You have to do as the professionals do and use the same pictures, names and taglines for each site – to allow yourself and your brand to become recognisable. Makes sense right?

I also had a great revolutionary ‘light-bulb’ moment when I realised what sets me apart from other travel bloggers out there. And I believe it’s my wish to remain glamorous as I backpack on a budget. I like to look and feel good and I love to travel-on-the-cheap. And writing my post a few weeks ago about what to pack really got me thinking about that…I think that’s really what I’m all about. Travelling, and looking and feeling good. It is important after all. One look at this photo:

Backpack Love Gohemian Pin-Up

…And I realised the best way to describe myself is, as “a pin-up girl living the budget backpacker dream”. As I travelled, I loved trying to find ways to make my make-up stay on, even in the intense heat. I loved to make sure I looked cute and glamorous, whenever I could. I loved finding cheap yet stylish hotels to stay in (Thank you Agoda!). So from now on loves, you can hear tips from the new and improved Em, the pin-up gal with a plan! (I’m still working on what my catchline will be – so any opinions would be great!).

I’m very excited to launch the new me and of course my new website! I’m leaving WordPress.com in favour of self-hosted WordPress.org. I am also going to be covering a lot more fun fashion tips, Continuing GT’s Loving of Late feature, as a weekly post. I’m also working on an e-book and various other awesome projects which will be covered in detail soon.

So I endeavour to you, dear reader, a new Gohemian experience. From me you can expect a new professional website, lots more social-media feedback and fun, more videos and most importantly lots more content (at least 3 posts a week – minimum!). And that’s just to start with…I imagine a lot more is going to change and as always I would LOVE your feedback.

So my final word on The Blogcademy is this:

Send me your feedback, I’d love to hear what you think. Use Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest too! (Social media buttons will follow soon on my new site – it will be so much better).

There will be way more Blogcademy bits to follow (remember to check out my photos on Facebook and Instagram! They are super fun!)

Me and Gala Darling London Blogcademy

Me and Gala yaaaay!

Love and studious glances Em xoxo


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I'm Emma, I'm 29 and I am a Gohemian. I am fueled by my passion to travel all over the world and to help others reach their dreamy, sparkly goals (no matter how scary they are). GohemianTravellers celebrates ambition, personal development and happiness and offers bucket loads of advice to travellers and quarter-life crisis survivors (just like me)! Life is all about the GoGo! So let's GO!
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5 Responses to Words From A Sparkly Blogcademy Graduate

  1. Hey Emma, love the post – Blogcademy was the best experience and if anyone reading this is thinking of signing up, listen to Emma’s advice and just go for it, you won’t regret it! Can’t wait to see your new site and read about your adventures, loving the Gohemian spirit! x

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  4. What an amazing experience! Thank you for sharing your weekend with the Blogcademy. I had never heard of this before; it sounds like you learned a lot of valuable information. I’m thinking about doing one of the weekends in Portland or LA now! Have you seen a difference in your readership yet? Cheers! 🙂

    • gohemians says:

      Hey Cristina! How’s it going? It is so amazing, I’m glad to have inspired you to sign up. You really should do it! I have definitely seen my visitors double…but I’m still not quite posting frequently enough, as I’m making the move over to WordPress.org this week. So once that’s been done, I’m hoping to see a real difference then. While that’s all being done I’m going to pre-write loads of posts….so here’s hoping 😉 But yeah go for it darling!!! Let me know how it goes 😉 xxx

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