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Birthday Wishlist For 2013

It’s mine and my blog’s birthday today!!!!!! YAAAAAY! I’m 28 and my little baby blog is 2-years-old today! Setting up my blog was the best thing I could have done on my birthday 2 years ago. In fact I wrote … Continue reading

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The Gohemian’s Guide: What To Do In Kata, Phuket

Bit of a shorter post this time as Phuket really was all about relaxing really…but nevertheless lots of great advice lies ahead. Getting from Krabi to Phuket was quite straight-forward, we paid our hotel again for an air-conditioned minibus there. … Continue reading

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The Definitive Guide to Gettin’ Yo Mellow On

We’re REPORTING LIVE FROM THE GREEK ISLES THIS WEEK. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa! And our first topic is about the importance of being…as chilled out as possible. (Sounds good huh?) Well I can tell y’all are starting to get that Christmas panic on! I’ve … Continue reading

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You better work!

Don’t you just hate those post-trip blues?! I sure do. Knowing you got to slog it out a little longer again, before the next adventure…pahh! But can’t complain really, I’ve hardly been at work these past few weeks. But I think being back at … Continue reading

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