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Travel Style Recap: What to wear Backpacking

Let’s take a look back at how I worked the backpack wardrobe while I was away. I wrote a long post pre-trip all about what to pack for an around the world trip and most of it made it in … Continue reading

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Winter Fashion: Staying Cosy in This Darn Weather

So it’s officially bloody freezing now! Oh my lord! But the awesome thing about that is getting dressed for the cold, lots of layers, wraps and wooly softness to snuggle into…yay! So here are a few of my hot picks … Continue reading

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I Love Sunny Sundays: Winter Wearables and Fun Fashion Tips

  Hey my friends! How was your weekend?   Mine has been very nice. It’s been a bit chaotic lately so it seemed nice to just relax and take it easy this time around. But after all the relaxing and … Continue reading

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Creative DIY ideas for your travel photography

 Hey guys! It’s guest post time: so, today, fellow-traveller Colin Houghton has dropped us a super-useful post about what to do with all those awesome holiday snaps. I definitely need to get cracking with some of these ideas, I have zillions of pics … Continue reading

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Travel Heroes: Jack Kerouac

Y’ all know I think very highly of Mr Kerouac, in fact I like to think of him as a long-lost relative of mine (See: The Kerouac Cowgirl Adventure List). I look up to him, I respect him…he floats my … Continue reading

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The World in your Room (inspired decorating)

After realising how many fabulous travel-inspired accessories there are out there in my post https://gohemiantravellers.wordpress.com/2011/07/21/travel-accessories-go-go-girl-must-haves/ I decided to look towards the home to see how you can inspire yourself to travel the world from the comfort of your sofa. It’s time to decorate it … Continue reading

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Travel Tattoos

So as I am absolutely 100% so obsessed with wanderlust livin’, that I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo to reflect it. For quite a while really. Listening to Freebird by Lynyrd Skynyrd a lot, tends to do that to you. … Continue reading

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