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I sat at a typewriter when I was young and hit the keys til bedtime. The technology may have changed but I’m still typing away and still loving it. Making my choice for university, therefore, was easy; I did a degree in Creative & Professional Writing and then naturally progressed into journalism.

Working in newspapers and magazines was amazing but this blog is my biggest passion in my career to date. Making people feel inspired to do things and to go places is what matters to me. And getting emails from people telling me it works – makes this the greatest and most rewarding thing I have ever done. I am passionate about social media, SEO and pleasing my loyal readership.

So, now, is where you come into the picture. Hi!Β  πŸ™‚ If there is anything I can can do to help you, with any projects revolving around travel, fashion, inspiration, advice or anything else for that matter, I’m all ears!

I am currently working with Arena Media and Visibility IQ (a division of EMR Digital)Β on a variety of projects and as a curator for Wanderfly, as well as continuing with my own freelance work. My discussions of travel adventures, life stories and fancy-dress escapades keep my readers coming back for more and have also awarded me with recognition from major brands like Tesco Travel, Panasonic and Thomas Cook.

I am now going to be a featured blogger on the Huffington Post, so keep an eye out for goodies on there too. πŸ™‚ yaaay!

Previously my work has been published in the Tamworth Herald, Journal Magazine, Newcastle Evening Chronicle, Journal and Sunday Sun newspapers.

Should you like to see a CV of sorts, please feel free to check out my website:

And contact me on, or on Facebook or by finding me on Twitter @gohemiantravels.

I welcome guest posts as long as they are relevant to my readership. I am committed to including only the most fun, helpful and entertaining posts for you guys. I will not endorse products I do not believe in or approve of. They have to be awesome so my readers will love them too! πŸ˜‰

And for a little bit of fun info about me: when I’m not on a trip around the world, I’ve got my head in a book, my butt in a fancy-dress outfit and my feet in a pair of ruby slippers. Drop me a line and say hi, I won’t bite, I swear! πŸ˜‰

Love and typewriters Em xoxo

8 Responses to Work With Me?

  1. Shanna says:

    hey nandi, you’re right we gotta choose our own route but true cnnoettment can only come when you know you’ve been true to yourself, and only a fool would turn their back on that.Your mum sounds great and I’m sure she has an awesome life, but you can go and explore what else life has to offer and still go back and get that life in 5 years time. What you can’t do however is recapture your youth and experience the world with no responsibilities the way we can now so lets pack our bags! see you on the road

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  8. Emma says:

    Hello! I (also an Emma) am a GoHo girl. I’m inspired by your website, and your style! I am in the works of launching my own travel blog and feeling a bit turned off by all of the tech-issues that are arising. How do you keep yourself sane? The travel and excitement is wonderful and amazing and inspirational, do you ever feel run down by the actual day-to-day of running a travel blog?

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