GT’s Next Destination: The Blogcademy

I am so excited, I am so excited! I cannot even tell you!


This weekend I am going to be taking part in the London Blogcademy weekend class! I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about going back to school in my whole life. For those of you who have no idea what this is, let me enlighten you. Blogcademy is an amazing 2 day course for writers who want to take their blog and brand to the next level. Taught by my favourite blogger and inspiration-guru Gala Darling I knew I wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to learn how to get my blog to a ‘Gala’ standard. Her book Love and Sequins was a Godsend for me, I used it as an inspiration to take my blog ideas further (especially her Blogging 101 chapter), and so now I’m going to be properly schooled by the lady herself! SQUEEEE!

But it’s not only by Gala, as you can see, her two best friends and fellow blogging superstars, Kat Williams of Rock n Roll Bride and Shauna Haider of Nubby, will be teaching too. I think they are the hottest headmistresses I’ve ever seen!

Blogcademy time to get schooled


I have been following Nubby and Kat through Gala’s blog for a while now and I mean what is not to love! Kat has inspired thousands of couples to ‘Do their Big Day the Rock N’ Roll Way!’ – I love that (Individualism is key to any wedding in my opinion)! And she’s a kickass pink-haired British chick so naturally, I love her! And Nubby is one of the most talented designers I’ve ever seen, I love her adoration for monochrome and the use of shapes…and her dress sense is just to die for! Love, love, love!

They are 3 of the most creative, bubbly and stylish ladies in the blogosphere, they wear bunny ears, glitter bows and mouse-ears on a regular basis and they have the best jobs in the world….inspiring us, they rule! So of course I am going to be there with bells on! (And also sequinned bunny ears, Irregular Choice heels and red lipstick – you know just for good measure!).

I wonder how Shoreditch is going to handle the masses of glitter, vintage cuteness and bunny-eared bloggers! Because 64 of us will be descending on Curtain Road Studios between Saturday 19th and Wednesday 24th Jan! Eeeeeek!


The Blogcademy Classroom

I have had an impromptu few days in a luxurious London hotel prior to the big B. Me and my mom have been lying in bed watching Audrey Hepburn movies, taking bubble baths, hitting the shops and of course I’ve been blogging and sketching out many ideas.

Me and My mom are ready for blogcademy

Me and my Mamma are getting ready for my Blogcademy debut!

So it’s a very exciting time here at The Grange Fitzrovia (very nice hotel, I very much recommend it!), there is a lot of blogging love coming from this 3rd floor room let me tell you!

Blogcademy bunny girl

I’m a Blogcademy Bunny Girl!

The Grange Fitzrovia London Lobby

I swooned at the sight of the lobby….

But I haven’t just been feeling the blogging love in my hotel room hub though, the class’s private Facebook group has been wonderful to be part of. I have been connecting with fellow classmates and chatting about life, loves, blogging, inspiration and everything else in between. I haven’t even met these girls yet and already I think I’ve found some really nice new friends. So there you have it people, this isn’t just a course (or a good excuse to wear bunny-ears), it’s a real community in and out of the classroom. I’ve even had messages from bloggers who attended the NYC class and connected with gals who have now signed up for the LA and Portland classes. I mean, it’s amazing! I’ve experienced nothing like it before. I wish all my girlfriends were coming too because we really are going to have the BEST time.

So should you be out and about in Shoreditch this weekend and on Tuesday and Wednesday next week and see masses of fabulous bunny-ear-clad, sequin-bow-wearing women walking around, don’t panic! We are the Blogcadets, here in hipsterville to expand our minds and aiming to offer something new to the blogosphere. We are most certainly on a mission and I have never looked forward to something so much in my whole life.

(Now I need to try and zillion outfits on to figure out what to wear hehe).

Love and bunny-ears Em xoxox

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4 Responses to GT’s Next Destination: The Blogcademy

  1. xandra says:

    “We are the Blogcadets.” INDEED.
    Can we please do one of those slo-mo walks down the street in a line things? 🙂
    xandra ★

  2. Emily says:

    I love your excitement and energy! Looking forward to meeting you on Saturday xx

  3. Fanny says:

    I’m bringing the most “gigan-tuesque” headbow too, hooray!

    See you soon!

  4. I also am off to figure out what to wear…!

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