The World in your Room (inspired decorating)

After realising how many fabulous travel-inspired accessories there are out there in my post I decided to look towards the home to see how you can inspire yourself to travel the world from the comfort of your sofa. It’s time to decorate it up!

Custom Globe Crystal Chandelier

Well, maybe not investing in pieces quite to this extent but still cool eh? By Rock & Royal

Us travel lovers, like to be constantly reminded of the adventures we have done or that lie on the horizon. Usually we decorate our homes/rooms with items from our previous travels.  My testimony to this was in my old bedroom, which was very much influenced by my repeated visits to the United States (and especially Hollywood). America was all I knew, so of course, that reflected in my living space.

USA Influenced Decorations

My bedroom says USA!

But as I’m looking to move to a cheaper place at the end of September (leaving me only 5 months before I leave!!), decorating my new pad with some Goho-inspired decor seems to make a lot of sense. But of course the focus here, is always about not breaking the bank…because that cash needs to quickly become currency!

I discussed this previously when I touched on the concept of Travel as an art form (see: All those wonderful paintings and maps are amazing, but hard to get hold of, unless you’re an art/antiques dealer. So let’s look to what we CAN get our paws on.

On eBay there are so many items – including a great selection of world map wall canvases.

World Map Canvas

World Map Canvas available from the mondernartprint shop on eBay

I’ve got to admit I really love this one and it’s only £22.99 with £2.99 P&P – pretty good eh?


Available from timetoselluk shop on eBay

Now I’m not quite sure if this is chintzy cool, or just tacky/horrific but anyway it’s going to get a mention and I’ll leave it up to you guys. £29.99 with £5.99 P&P on eBay.

Another real fancy of mine are world map murals..I honestly think they’re just perfect. Roll on getting that house of mine…whenever that may be 😉


Isn't this gorgeous? So stylish.

Also again with the idea, to when I finally own my own property, I am LOVING the idea of a printed vintage map wallpaper – I always think these look great in bathrooms for some reason (as pictured). Just perfect!

I think as a rule bathrooms are always plain, so to make it not so, really gives the room a fabulous design kick!

world map drawers decoupage

Excellent tips on how to do this yourself on

What is great about finding your own prints is that you can create this look yourself, by trying your hand at decoupage. A technique where you buy the prints and then stick them onto furniture to create your own vintage, unique look. Fantastic eh?

travel inspired home decor interior design

Ideas for y'all. A reason why I miss UK chain store The Pier - they used to sell all of this kinda stuff :/

But you don’t have to be limited by maps and images of the world to ‘travel-up’ your place – there are so many cool little items which will instantly create an travel-inspired look. Just hit the antique markets, any vintage fairs, even department stores – there will be little trinkets like this you can grab. I always think vintage birdcages with fairylights in them look so adorable, you could even clip your holiday photos inside the bars or put one of your authentic souvenirs inside.

I’m a big fan of vintage suitcases (with their original destination stickers of course). A cool idea is to obtain a stack of them to use, as either a decorative table or even make them into a set of drawers (I’ve definitely seen this before, I believe with my girl Jess

– check out her blog, it’s positively, fashionably, dreamy just like her 😉

What do you think of these Travelista’s (my new term 😉 ) rooms?

Admittedly this is for a teenage girl but she would certainly be getting that love of Paris across with that 😉

elle decor travel influenced

Global Style by Elle Decor as featured on

And the delicious Moroccan-influenced room above? The placement of the stacked mirrors is really quite somethin’ eh?

There is a FANTASTIC post on travel-decorating on which I very much recommend to you my Goho’s, should you like to know even more. C’est magnafique!

Love Em xoxo


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